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Wanna Be An NBA Player??? Here Is NOT Where To Play

Posted by Joel on June 27, 2008

I finally get some time to put up a post and it just so happens to be right after the 1st round of the NBA Draft . Then something came over me: Our favorite overrated, elitist, ass backwards, and drunken coached team from the SEC didn’t have a player drafted in the 1st round. This makes the second year in a row that a Kentucky player was not drafted in the 1st round, and continues the 11 year streak since a Wildcat player was picked in the lottery.

Oh don’t worry Wildcat fan. I know where to place the blame. It was “10 Loss” Tubby’s fault. He was too busy making sure he ran a clean program, free of racism (unlike the arena named after the “great” Rupp), and made sure that he didn’t hit the Wild Turkey bottle and try to drive home from the bar. He just simply didn’t have time to recruit players who would be developed into NBA talent.

Leave it to Billy Clyde Gilispie to recruit like a mother. He has already scored top 10 talent of all ages. He will take Kentucky back to single digit losses in just a few short years, as soon as his 8th grade recruits start arriving to Lexington. Too bad he said he was gonna stop recruiting young kids. Rumor is that he had planned to recruit Chicago next week while school is out for the summer. R. Kelly was gonna show him where all the hot spots were to get top talent, before Mr. Kelly got some talent of his own. Of course, knowing Billy Clyde’s track record, he’ll be gone quicker than you can say “Nick Saban”. It’s all good anyway, the best coach in the state left you back in the 90′s and now coaches your in-state rival.

So, for all of the Derrick Jasper’s, Scotty Hopson’s, and (insert latest player’s name to leave the Kentucky program here) of the world, things will be ok. You will make it to the NBA Draft Lottery, because you never put on the Wildcat uniform.

Let’s hear Tim Brando spin another year of Kentucky mediocrity…

110 Responses to “Wanna Be An NBA Player??? Here Is NOT Where To Play”

  1. Marcus Haislip said

    Rondo just won a NBA Title and Tayshuan Prince was named to the Olympic team so nice try buddy but Kentucky is still top dog in the SEC in basketball. Where is Marcus Haislip these days?

  2. WoodstockCat said

    I’d encourage you to find the documentary done by Dick Gabriel on Adolph Rupp.
    In relation to not getting drafted, alot was made of Chris Lofton going out of state and some even equated Joe Crawford with getting his scholarship.
    Which of these two players actually got drafted last night?
    Btw, when the Vols actually make an SEC Tournament basketball final, be sure to let us know.

  3. Lol said

    Scotty Hopson never left the UK program you moron.

  4. Lol said

    Has UT ever had a lottery pick?

    Or gotten past the sweet 16?

  5. slappy said

    Hilarious, because it’s all so stupid. Who would take any of this seriously? Thanks for the laughs. Go Big Blue!

  6. Chris Howell said

    Um yeah do not go to Kentucky to play ball. You are insane, um by the way where did your players team get drafted at? Oh thats right I remember no one being drafted. Have your fun beating us because when Billy get’s his players in here at UK to play we will beat you guys down every year. And looks at how many of your players have won rings, play on olumpic teams, and also are even playing in the NBA? I think I remember someone from UK just winning hig first ring after only playing two years in the league, and I think Tayshuan is on the olympic team am I right? Where are your facts at?

  7. jeff?! said

    you are an indiot. tayshaun prince is on the us olympic team (from uk) rajon rondo just won a championship in the nba (from uk) and joe crawford just got drafted where your chris lofton didnt. your post is by far the worst poke at uk in ages. i award you no points and may god have mercy on your soul

  8. UK Fan said

    Well let’s see… Joe Crawford was drafted last night along with Chris Lofton… wait, no Lofton? Oops.

    And let’s see… Rajon Rondo just picked up a championship ring after leading the Celts back to glory and Tay Prince is preparing for the Olympics.

    How many former Vols are in the league anyway?

    Nothing like these Johnny-come-lately jerks who don’t know what they’re talking about.

  9. Hendrix said

    Let me just start by asking, who is this
    “Joel” character and more importantly, who is the somewhat functioning retard who allowed this guy to post something so stupid? Overrated?-never, Elitist?-the most elite, drunken coached team?-dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Who are you? What is your problem with the cats? Look at the records, the championships, the past NBA players they have sent to “the league”. If you don’t consider Kentucky to be among the top 3 basketball programs in history along with UCLA, and North Carolina (I am clearly bias for the CATS but I am not stupid enough to disregard these other TWO elite programs)then you have about as much knowledge of college basketball as I do about microbiology, which is none. And if Rick Pitino is the best coach in the state, then why hasn’t he won any National Championships with that team of NBA superstars he has in “Da Ville”? They didn’t even make the NCAA tournament two years ago. I am still astounded by the fact that someone allowed such an ignorant post on any blog but then again, people like you are entertaining because I just wasted two minutes of my time. And by the way, Joe Crawford got drafted in the second round and only because that “drunken coach” actually got him to play to his potential unlike that “10 loss Tubby” guy (and I was never a really a Tubby hater).

    Moderators Notes:
    Anyone can write for this blog if they have talent. So man-up and prove yourself Joshua

  10. Suf said

    Clearly this post is meant in jest. Surely no-one could so stupid as to suggest that the University of Kentucky does not put players in the NBA only a couple short weeks after Rajon Rondo (a 2-year University of Kentucky player under Tubby Smith) started at the point for the now NBA Champion Boston Celtics, and the selection of Tayshaun Prince for the U.S. Olympic squad for 2008.

  11. Brandt Justice said

    Are u feelin okay??? Prince on the olympic team…hmmmm…Rondo just won the national championship….and scotty hopson was never at UK, so nice piece….how many UT players have been drafted in the 90′s and this decade…now look at UK players…thanks…wow, u need help…lata..

  12. You are a complete and utter moron. Do yourself a little research before you ever write again.

  13. Kyle said

    Wow! I love me some jealous, unclassy, can’t look at your own coach’s immoral personal life, still looking for that elusive elite eight, Tennessee Volunteers! Whoa!!!! The round of 16! Everyone come to UT: Where we guarantee mediocrity!

  14. Jordan Appel said

    You might remember a guy that played for UK a couple of years ago. His name is Rajon Rondo. You might not have seen the NBA finals, but he was the starting point guard for the winning team. Also, another UK product, Tayshaun Prince, was just named to the olympic team. Next time try doing a little research before spewing ignorance like this.

  15. Owsley Cat said

    Rajon Rondo, Tayshaun Prince, Keith Bogans, Randolph Morris, Kelenna Azubuike, Chuck Hayes, Joe Crawford, et al. say “Hello”.

  16. CatFanJ said

    Looks like you are having to stretch way to hard to find something negative about kentucky Basketball there bub. Don;t hurt yourself.

    Why don;t you rest your fingers writing shit about basketball until UT gets past the F”’ing Sweet Sixteen someday…. TOOL

  17. Tony said

    You have no idea what you are talking about!

  18. Bruce Pearl is a GOD said

    Prince, Azubuike, Hayes, Bogans, Magloire, Walker, Rondo, Mohammed

    Great job on getting hits on you blog..

  19. Rick said

    You have to be the biggest f****** idiot on the face of the planet! Did you not just see Rajon Rondo lead the Celtics to the NBA Championship or Tayshaun Prince just get picked for the Olympic Team? I also saw Joe Crawford get picked. Where was the mighty Chris Loften or any other Tenn. player? I must have missed them. They go to jail not the NBA. Also Scotty Hopson never was at UK so he could not leave there you f’n moron. Also UK has more players in the NBA right now than any other school and has produced more NBA players than any other school in history. Also Pitino has only beat UK 3 times since nhe has been at UL. Tubby kicked his ass year in and year out. How about doing some research next time Genius?

  20. UT Sucks said

    And how many UT players are NBA Champions? How many UT players are NCAA Champions? What, you can’t think of any? That’s because there are none! In the last several years we have had Nazi Mohammed (Spurs), Antoin Walker (Heat), Tayshaun Prince (Pistons) and now Rajon Rondo (Celtics) to add to the list of former Wildcats that are NBA Champs. Even in our down years do we put a player in the NBA (Joe Crawford.) True, none of them are Gillispie’s boys but that will change. You do realize last season was his first year don’t you? Unless you have the same success as the one you’re trying to put down, then you should shut your mouth. It only makes you look like a jealous fool. UT with it’s best team ever couldn’t even make it past the sweet sixteen! The past couple of years while UK has been down everyone in the SEC has been loving it and talking smack. Now that UK is back on track and getting the big boys that we normally get, everyone is scared and bashing Gillispie. You should know that by writing about UK basketball in the off season shows just how relevant we are. Stick to football. At least you’re decent in that.

  21. chris said

    this is comin from a vols fan… thats pretty funny

  22. chris said

    when you make it past the sweet sixteen then you can talk trash

  23. donnie said

    you have to be the biggest jackass ever hopson didnt leave uk you have to be a tennesse fan to look past bruce pearl issuse like cheating on his wife numerous pictures of partying with young female students i think we have more players in the nba than the great ut and if i recall one of our recent players just won i nba championship and another one did just a few years ago how many players has tennesse had drafted in the lottery

  24. kasey said

    wow this is one of the dumbest posts i have ever seen…I am not a Kentucky fan for the record but come on…isn’t this the same uk program that has a player on the olympic team in Tayshawn prince and a player that started and had 21 points in the nba championship final game?? Get real dude…are you saying that kentucky has to have lottery picks to be great your dumb…how is kwame brown and others working out…but they have off the top of my head bogans, azbuike, chuck hayes, prince, Nazr Mohammad, Rondo, Prince, derek anderson, and there will be a lottery pick in patrick patterson as soon as he leaves…this is dumb…and since when did scotty hopson leave uk???

  25. chris said

    oh and i believe a ky boy just became an nba champion……how many players does the vols even have in the nba..

  26. Adam said

    You, sir, are a complete tool. The hate is back, which means we are back. I hope you enjoyed your couple years of modest success. They’ll be (they were?) short-lived.

  27. Wes said

    FYI here is a list of former Wildcats in the NBA over the last 10 years.
    Tony Delk
    Jamal Mashburn
    Walter McCarty
    Ron Mercer
    Scott Padgett
    Mark Pope
    Jeff Sheppard
    Jamal Magloire
    Keith Bogans
    Chuck Hayes
    Randolph Morris
    Tayshaun Prince 2004 NBA Champion
    Nazr Mohammed 2005 NBA Champion
    Derek Anderson 2006 NBA Champion
    Antoine Walker 2006 NBA Champion
    Rajon Rondo 2008 NBA Champion
    Joe Crawford was just drafted by the Lakers. Wasn’t a lottery pick but he still has a shot to be in The Show.
    UT doesn’t even have half that count. The next time you try to make a team look bad you might want to make sure yours is able to measure up.

  28. jimmy james said

    where exactly did chris lofton go in the draft?

  29. Jeff said

    Funny that “Kentucky Mediocrity” is still competitive with UT’s best two seasons ever.

  30. Adam said

    Great piece!


    Rajon Rondo – NBA champ
    Tayshaun Prince – NBA champ and Olympic team member
    Chuck Hayes
    Kelenna Azubuike
    Antione Walker
    Jamaal Magloire
    Randolph Morris
    Joe Crawford
    Keith Bogans
    Nazr Mohammed
    Derek Anderson

  31. chris said

    dude your an idiot. why doesn’t UT win something in mens basketball before you talk. Allen Houston really showed UT proud in the NBA department. I think the Pistons and Celtics think that UK is bad for the NBA also.

  32. Brad Southworth said

    You are an absolute idiot.

  33. Sam Reinhardt said

    Dude do we not have 7 national titles? Do we not have the most wins in collegiate basketball history? Did we not produce NBA Champions Tayshaun Prince and Rajon Rondo? And seriously, has UT ever won a championship? Wait, wait get at me when you all make a final four. You are the most ignorrant person ever. Shows your background nicely.

  34. Fat Phil Owns UK Bitches said

    Some things to consider:

    2008 NBA Champions, Celtics: Rajon Rondo (starter)
    2006 NBA Champions, Heat: Antoine Walker (starter)
    2005 NBA Champions, Spurs: Nazr Muhammad (Tim Duncan MVP back up)
    2004 NBA Champions, Pistons: Tayshaun Prince (starter)

    You are correct, these are not lottery picks but they are “world champions”. Does UT have a player in the NBA? And really, does NBA lottery picks translate into NCAA tournament champions? Ask Ben Howland.

  35. mark said

    man im a UT fan and i think you are an idiot. so what they aren’t being selected in the first round. talk crap now because i dont see us staying on top too much longer. im embarrassed….

    Moderators Note:
    Sir you’re a liar. You’ve posted several times under different names but your IP address doesn’t change. Take some English and computer classes while you’re at Appy State.

  36. John said

    Ya UT had a tremendous amount of talent in this years draft, wait how many vols are in the league?

  37. Mark said

    Loving that Sweet Sixteen banner, eh? Go blow Pearl some more, until he leaves you like a teenage girl, and you guys sink bank to 9-22 seasons.

  38. Howie said


    Tayshaun Prince is on Team USA

    Rajon Rondo showed All Star Potential during the Celtics Title Win

    Chuck Hayes sometimes starts for the Rockets

    Bogans, Azibuke, Magloire, Walker, Mohammed while not stars have had decent NBA careers at this point.

    Tony Delk, Derek Anderson, and Ron Mercer underachived but had longeitvity in their NBA careers.

    Erik Daniels and Gerald Fitch spent time in the NBA and they were not highly regarded coming out of high school.

    The last 5 NBA Championship teams have had at least 1 UK player on it.

    Sophomore Patrick Patterson if declares early for the draft is projected as a lottery pick

  39. todd said

    Ha! How much crack have you been smoking. Thats right we didnt just have a player win a NBA championship, and another named to the Olympic team. That must be some pretty good crack or is the chew getting to your head. As for the best coach in kentucky coaching for our rival, here is a fact for you. in the last ten years Dick Pitino has put one player in the NBA, and one more thing who from Tennessee is playing in the NBA.

  40. Kim Wanake said

    You guys have been churning out some NBA studs as well, man. I’ll be back next year when you’re posting Chris Lofton’s ABA stat line.

  41. barry said

    Pretty good research Joel. I guess you didn’t take the time to watch the NBA finals or the Eastern Conference Finals. Oh by the way, you may not want to watch the USA olympic team this summer either.

  42. Heath said

    So who exactly are you? Please don’t talk about Kentucky basketball when you are obviously ignorant.

  43. tyler said

    how many tennessee players are in the nba? how many got drafted this year?

  44. Jack Russell Wilkinson said

    You wouldn’t know basketball if it bit you in the ass

  45. csm said

    via Rick Bozich at the Courier-Journal

    Five reasons why former University of Kentucky guard Joe Crawford is a value pick in the second round of the NBA draft:

    Tayshaun Prince.

    Keith Bogans.

    Kelenna Azubuike.

    Chuck Hayes.

    Rajon Rondo.

    All of which are starters for their respective NBA teams.

    The trend is difficult to dispute. It began in 2002, when Detroit used the 23rd pick to select Prince, whose name was called after Casey Jacobsen, Ryan Humphrey and Curtis Borchardt.

    The same Tayshaun Prince who was named to the U.S. Olympic team this week.

    Bogans lasted until the 43rd pick in 2003. He started 35 games for Orlando this past season. He made 148 three-pointers. Only 21 NBA players made more.

    Nobody in this group has a more uplifting story than Azubuike. He left UK in 2005. He was not drafted. He played one season in the NBA Developmental League, earning a tryout with Houston. The Rockets cut him. He returned to the D-League and played his way into an opportunity with Golden State.

    In the past 1 ½ years, he’s played in 122 games, averaging more than eight points.

    Hayes wasn’t supposed to be in the NBA, either. Like Azubuike, he was undrafted in 2005. He bulled his way out of the D-League onto the Rockets’ roster in January 2006. He’s still there, starting 44 games for a playoff team last season.

    Rondo’s story went national this month. That happens when a player directs the Boston Celtics to the NBA title less than two years after he lasted 21 picks because of legitimate questions about his jumper.

    Now comes Crawford, who worked out for the Celtics last week in Boston and chatted with Rondo. Clibanoff said Crawford impressed scouts with his performance at a predraft camp in Orlando, Fla., this month.

    Crawford did not come to UK expecting to stay four years. But staying four years taught him how to persevere, a skill that will help him succeed like Prince, Bogans, Azubuike, Hayes and Rondo.

  46. Yo mamma said

    I’m not going to play the part of the angry UK fan here, but you are an idiot. If you check, and I’m sure you won’t, you’ll find that NO Duke or UNC player AT ALL was drafted last evening. or UT player. or UL player, or UCONN player…..We’ve only had one former player win an NBA championship and one named to the Olymic team in the past 7 days. Sure, we’re dead. We’re horrible. we only have more wins than anyone else. so suck it. Jealousy is a terrible thing, my friend.

  47. Michael said

    Wow, I always thought that our Neighbors to the East in West Virginia were the uneducated ones, apparently I was mistaken. The basis for your argument is suspect at best. Aside from Bruce Pearls uncanny ability to produce lottery picks, and Rick Pitino’s track record at UL for putting players in the NBA, which is practically nothing; you have absolutely no leg to stand on here. (thats called sarcasm) While I can see your hatred for our beloved blue has clouded your brain, the shear stupidity of this blog entry is comedy. Here is a fact: UConn leads the way with 13 former players now on NBA payrolls, with Duke (12), North Carolina (12), Arizona (10), Florida (10), Kentucky (10), and UCLA (10) not very far behind the Huskies. Now I know UK’s number doesn’t quite compare to Tennessee in that category;(Fortunately) however if you “wanna be an NBA player…” Kentucky is a great place to go. Nice try Sport…better luck next year!

  48. Wow, you may well be the most ignorant man (wait, maybe you are a woman, hence the complete ignorance of the sport). Seriously, Scotty Hopson never was at UK, so he could never have left it…moronic mistake #1…then I guess Jasper is screwed, because he DID put on a UK Uniform. Jasper left because he was homesick, and Hopson went to UT because he doesnt wanna play defense and there will be no competition at his spot. Of course, my 5 yr old son knows these things…too bad you don’t. Oh, and calling Rupp a racist, pretty much puts a cherry on the sundae that is your stupidity. Then the obvious, as there is a player donning a Wildcat uniform right now, who would have been a 1st rd pick this year, and will be a lottery pick by the end of next year (Patrick Patterson) as I am sure you DON’T know. Now, hurry up, you are supposed to meet the girls for your 14th viewing of “Sex and the City”. Bad night, and Bad luck

  49. Mark said

    Hey Einstein. I am not exactly certain if this is still the case after last night, but until then I think that Kentucky had more active alumni in the NBA than ANY other college program. Yep. You got it. Oh, and Kentucky has strong contributors on the Celtics and Pistons, who happen to be pretty good right now.

    Now go back to Rocky Top drink your moonshine like a good redneck.

  50. HA! said

    NBA championship rings. Start counting the last few years and see if there is a Kentucky player on the roster of an NBA Champion. This year-Rondo. Miami Heat had Antoine Walker. Detroit had Tayshaun. San Antonio had Nazr and I think they had Derek Anderson. Maybe there is a connection to championships that are linked to the team player

  51. Brad said

    And how many UT players are in the NBA right now? It’s obvious that although you finally had a couple of pretty good seasons your still jealous of the Big Blue. The laughs on you pal.
    C-A-T-S cats cats cats

  52. James said

    kentucky’s areana looks nice.

  53. Andrew said

    Because Marcus Haslip is so great. Name a Tennessee player on an active roster in the NBA? How many UT players have been on NBA championship teams in the past 10 years? Are there any Vols on the Olympic team? 1 season does not a program make.

  54. cavalierslax said

    HA! Where did all the UT players get drafted to? Have fun being fourth in the SEC east next year!

  55. Grover said

    You freaking idiot. 5 of the last 6 NBA champions have had at least 1 UK player on the roster.

  56. JB said

    Wow, are we a little bitter? Judging by the photo on your blog name above, should I assume you are a Memphis fan? If so, that explains a lot…I surprised you have the knowledge to even post on the web…must be tough in between beating your crack ho’s. The pic is small, so I’m not going to pick on Memphis in case that is not your team, but what is clear is that you are a complete moron. Obviously, unless you are a Carolina, Duke, UCLA or Kansas fan, you can’t even begin to discuss college basketball and dis UK…I could list all of the UK players in the NBA right now, and their success, but I am not going to waste my time on some package like you. I wonder if you have had some sort of trauma in your life that you blame on UK or something, but to bring up racism, drinking, etc…well, your are a pretty desperate individual. Maybe you should hold off on writing anything else and embarassing yourself until you learn a little about the game of basketball.

    Moderators Note:You misspelled “embarrassing” maybe you should hold post anything else until you learn how to spell.

  57. kslank3 said

    yea, that’s why the last 5 NBA championship team have had a UK player on the roster–this post is so stupid, it doesn’t even really deserve a response…but i’ll bite–much like your writing.

  58. Matt said

    5 observations:

    1. You are an a**-clown who obviously hates Kentucky for all of its success over the years.

    2. Scotty Hopson NEVER committed to UK. He committed to Mississippi State. Get your facts straight.

    3. Rajon Rondo (for your info, was the last UK first round pick way back during the stone ages of 2006 and won an NBA championship IN HIS SECOND SEASON as a starting point guard for the Boston Celtics) is really wishing he’d never gone to UK, huh? That really threw his career off. Also, Tayshaun Prince made the Olympic team this week. When’s the last time a UT player did ANYTHING of any significance in professional basketball? I think we’d have to go back to Alan Houston making the finals in ’99.

    4. How many times has UT been to the Final Four?

    5. Joe Crawford got drafted last night. Chris Lofton, who’s on your Mt. Rushmore of basketball alumni, didn’t.

  59. Jack said

    I don’t discount your point about the name of the arena being racist. But the rest of your “point” is off to say the least! You are talking about UK not having any players drafted in the lottery, but UT hasn’t even had any players drafted in Pearl’s time. By the way Hopson didn’t leave UK’s program.

    Jealousy will not get you anywhere when it comes to recruiting. So now recruiting an 8th grader gets you compared to R.Kelley sexual assault? You should be ashamed of yourself for such a statement. Than again I shouldn’t be surprised, I’ve read your “writing” before!

    Moderators Note: If it is true about you reading the author’s writing in the past, then why didn’t you pick up on the fact they are a Memphis fan? Last I checked Pearl didn’t coach Memphis.

  60. ransmith said

    WOW! What a hateful article, you really need to step back a bit, and get a grip on all that hate you have built up for UK.

    UT has finally gotten their men’s BB program back to being a nationally ranked team, and one that at times is fun to watch. That is good for the SEC, and something you UT fans should be enjoying.
    But with so much built up hate, it is going to detract a lot from you getting the pleasure you should from your team’s success.

    Enjoy it, and get the chip off your shoulder.

  61. branjovie is gay said

    yeah, right. how many UK players are in the league?
    ok, how many UT players?

  62. Adam said

    Why am I not surprised that you wouldn’t publish a comment from a UK fan?

    Moderators Note:You mean like the other 70 something? Dumbass

  63. John Davis said


    You are an erudite ass. Have you read of the NBA playoffs that were recently completed? As they say in Comedy circles, “Don’t quit your day job.”


  64. Not You said

    Rajon Rondo just won an NBA title, Tayshaun Prince just got selected to Olympic Team.

    Derrick Anderson
    Keleena Azubuike
    Keith Bogans
    Chuck Hayes
    Jamaal Magloire
    Randolph Morris
    Nazr Mohammed
    Tayshaun Prince
    Rajon Rondo
    Antoine Walker

    Now let’s see. Who from Tennessee….NOT CHRIS LOFTON!!!!!….AND NOT ANYBODY ELSE EITHER!!!!!!!

  65. chad said

    So, when was the last UT player taken in the first round? Or better yet how many times has UT been to the Elite 8? Not the women, the men.

    Congrats on the SEC regular season Title this year, you guys had a great team, of which two of your players were kicked off, one for drugs the other cause he cant read.

    Build a basketball program before you start knocking the winningest program of all time.

  66. Laughable said

    Is this actually coming from a Tennessee fan? Your best team in history barely beat one of our worst on your home court. And the only reason you were any good the last four years was because Tubby didn’t even offer your best player, which at the time was the best move.

    And you want to rag on Gilispie? Pearl’s screwing your women’s basketball coach, who happens to be a great coach and an even better man. Tell Pearl to put down the can-o-tan and do some sit-ups… Fred Flintstone looking fool…

    Tell Wilma to make me a bronto-burger.

  67. Dillon said

    oh yes of course…. There aren’t any UK players in the league contributing to Elite teams…. And making millions. Rondo sure the hell isn’t….. You are a complete moron… And quick name 6 UT players in the NBA.

  68. thetruth said

    In retrospect, I wish I hadn’t clicked the link that sent me here so as not to give you a page view.

    Since 2000 UK has 4 NBA picks (3 in the first round)
    Since 2000 UT has 2 NBA picks (1 first rounder in Marcus Haislip who is currently playing for CB Malaga)

    Since 1946 UK had 101 players drafted to the NBA
    In the same timespan UT had less than 40.

    Do the math or ask a Vandy fan to help you maybe.

    Moderators Note: Thomas the Terrible is right the post SAID NOTHING about being drafted in the NBA. Learn reading comprehension or ask a Louisville fan to help you maybe.

  69. joel said

    I love your website.

  70. Jonathan Oost (UKSBIGGESTFAN) said

    It’s been awhile since I could get on here and write blog for my fellow tenn. fans, mainly b/c there’s nothing to write about. Our screw-loose coach and our no talent headband on wrong bunch of morons can’t even beat a team who’s coach is probably under the influence during the game b/c he is such a drunk moron who loves little boys, and who haven’t had top talent since whoever those guys were that got drafted in the NBA. I guess I know now why Darius Miller beat out Scotty whatever his name is for Mr. Kentucky Basketball. I just wish Bruce Pearl would stop showing off his saggie tits and learn how to coach a team other than USI. Anyways I guess I have to give credit to the Kentucky Wildcats for once again showing the world why they invented the wonderful game of basketball.UK#1

  71. Here’s the thing I find utterly hilarious. Joel’s a Memphis fan you ignorant morons and yet you’re all whining about Tennessee. Sheesh.

    Plus he said “continues the 11 year streak since a Wildcat player was picked in the lottery.”

    He didn’t say anything about being picked in the NBA overall. Lottery means lottery. He even gave you people a link to see for yourselves. Obviously reading comprehension doesn’t go very far with fans of KY….typical.

  72. “Why am I not surprised that you wouldn’t publish a comment from a UK fan?”

    Gee Adam seems like you’re an idiot because there certainly seems to be some fans of the KY. Moron

  73. robert said

    Thomas the Terrible,
    Look at the title of the posting, now sit back and think for a second…don’t strain yourself…take your time…now does what you wrote really make any sense either?

    “He didn’t say anything about being picked in the NBA overall. Lottery means lottery. He even gave you people a link to see for yourselves. Obviously reading comprehension doesn’t go very far with fans of KY….typical.”

    The title of the the posting is “Wanna Be An NBA Player??? Here Is NOT Where To Play”…now look at the list of all the Kentucky players in the NBA. Be reasonable, don’t be typical dumba$$ Tennesean.

  74. Last line of the post clearly states

    “You will make it to the NBA Draft Lottery, because you never put on the Wildcat uniform.”

    Again…reading comprehension…and also spelling…you misspelled “Tennessean” and I’m in South Carolina for the record. If you would have read about the authors you would have learned that…oh wait…no you wouldn’t…thanks to your lack of reading comprehension.

  75. Andy said

    Just looking at your 4 recent posts I conclude that you posted this ridiculous-ness so that your site would get some traffic. I think the other 3 of the 4 recent posts had a total of 6 comments. After reading the posts I am guessing your parents and roommates posted those for sympathy reasons. At least you are consistent in typing about nothing.

    Have funning checking your blog stats, high fiving each other, while celebrating that your site has arrived. Once again, another SEC team relying on UK and her fans for notoriety. I’m glad we could help.

    ps- I’m not sure if I spelled notoriety correctly, but you honestly aren’t worthy of a spellcheck.

    Moderators Note:Actually The blogs stats are down so we aren’t having “funning” or whatever you typed. With over 250,000 hits and being link to by CNN, Deadspin and The Big Lead we “arrived” a long time ago son.

    You misspelled “spell check” then again if we wasn’t worth a spell check then why post to begin with so that argument is flawed. Is it fun being our puppet? :)

  76. Isaiah Victor said

    It seems there are a few Cards fans on here too. Garcia is the only Card in the league, and yeah I know Clark will be and Samuals is supposed to be but Patterson is gonna put his nurts all up in UL’S gill this year. Get ready to get beat down another 3 years in a row after your victory last year.

  77. Isaiah Victor said

    South Cackalackie

  78. andy said

    You are linked to CNN? You have arrived in the sports world. Please retract my last post.

    Your stats are down? Sounds like you are running the back end as good as you are the front end Mr. Moderator.

    Mad props for the response though- I don’t enjoy being your puppet (but that did make me laugh.) I know I broke all the rules by giving you a comp, but oh well.

    Moderators Notes: We try and thank you.

    Here’s the CNN link.

  79. Greg said

    I am truly amused at how ridiculous this article is & the reaction that it has gotten from a few fans.

    So Kentucky hasn’t had a player drafted in the lottery in 11 years. Whoopty-do-dah. In ’96, Kentucky’s Antoine Walker was drafted 6th overall. Tony Delk was drafted 16th overall, just outside of your coveted lottery. Walter McCarty was drafted 19th overall. Pretty impressive in my opinion.

    In 1997, Ron Mercer was selected 7th overall (LOTTERY PICK WOOOOHOOOO!). In addition, Derek Anderson was selected 13th in the 1997 NBA Draft.

    So what if it has been 11 years since the last lottery pick out of Kentucky? There are Wildcats spread throughout the NBA, and typically you can find one on the roster of the NBA Champion. As a matter of fact, you can find at least one on each of the last 5 champions, with the exception of last year’s champ.

    Tayshaun Prince – 2004 Detroit Pistons
    Nazr Mohammed – 2005 San Antonio Spurs
    Derek Anderson – 2006 Miami Heat
    Antoine Walker – 2006 Miami Heat
    Rajon Rondo – 2008 Boston Celtics

    And I almost forgot, Tayshaun Prince will be representing our great country in the Olympics.

    So, do you want to be an NBA player? If so, I’d say that Kentucky is the land of opportunity, since we have put a few in the NBA.

    Hall of Famer Cliff Hagan, Hall of Famer Dan Issel, Hall of Famer Pat Riley as well as fellow NBA’ers Chuck Aleksinas, Derek Anderson, Dwight Anderson, Kelenna Azubuike, Cliff Barker, Ralph Beard, Winston Bennett, Jerry Bird, Keith Bogans, Sam Bowie, Gary Bradds, Michael Bradley, Bob Brannum, Bob Burrow, Rex Chapman, Marion Cluggish, Larry Conley, Jimmy Connor, Johnny Cox, Lou Dampier, Erik Daniels, Tony Delk, John Dillon, Andy Duncan, Leron Ellis, George Feigenbaum, Gerald Fitch, Mike Flynn, Jack “Goose” Givens, Kevin Grevey, Alex Groza, Reggie Hanson, Vern Hatton, Chuck Hayes, Joe Holland, Larry Johnson, Wallace Jones, Tom Kron, Robert Lock, Kyle Macy, Jamaal Magloire, Jamal Mashburn, Walter McCarty, Malcolm McMullan, Ron Mercer, Chris Mills, Dirk Minnifield, Nazr Mohammed, Randolph Morris, Charles Nash, Paul Noel, Scott Padgett, Jack Parkinson, Tom Payne, Mark Pope, Mike Pratt, Tayshaun Prince, Frank Ramsey, Don Ray, Rhodrick Rhodes, Rick Robey, Kenny Rollins, Rajon Rondo, Jeff Sheppard, Adrian Smith, Larry Steele, Dan Swartz, Floyd Theard, Irving Thomas, Jack Tingle, Lou Tsioropoulos, Wayne Turner, Mel Turpin, Antoine Walker, Kenny “Sky” Walker, Bobby Watson & Lucian Whitaker would probably tell you different.

    You say you’re a Memphis fan? Why would anyone who “wanna be an NBA player” go to Memphis? To be the next Chris Douglas-Roberts?

    And get your facts straight before you begin calling people racists. Or at least do some research of your own instead of paying X-amount of dollars to “learn” about it in another Hollywood movie.

  80. Greg said

    Now I’ll sit & wait for the “moderator” to comment on any typos and grammatical errors.

    So, Mr. Mod, I’ll go ahead and make your job easier for you. 3rd last paragraph…it should ready, “tell you differently.”

    My apologies.

    Moderators Notes: No you’re good. Wanna be a writer here? Seriously.

  81. Greg said

    A few last comments:

    First, how in the world can you claim that Tubby Smith “just simply didn’t have time to recruit players who would be developed into NBA talent.” What? Seriously? Tubby spent a portion of one summer overseas with the US Team and that did hurt his recruiting; however, he bounced back with the top class in the country with Rajon Rondo, Randolph Morris, Joe Crawford & Ramel Bradley. The ignorance surrounding the “author’s” statement speaks for itself, so I’ll move on.

    Secondly, Scotty Hopson never once dawned a Kentucky uniform, and will never do so. He originally committed to Mississippi State and Coach Rick Stansbury (who has KY ties).

    I’m interested to know when Billy Clyde Gillispie said that he was going to “stop recruiting younger kids.” Everything I have ever read (you should try it some time) and listened to has given me the impression that Coach G. is going to continue to recruit the young guns. Here’s to hoping that he does. The excitement that he has brought back to Lexington is incredible – Kentucky is back on the prowl.

    It’s good to have a coach who finally has “enough time” to actually dedicate himself to winning & developing young men as students AND athletes. Something your boy John Calipari knows very little about.

  82. Greg said

    Sorry again, Mr. Mod.

    Scotty Hopson has never “dawned” a Kentucky jersey. And he’s neither “donned” one either.

    Maybe I should proofread this stuff, huh?

  83. Chworld22 said

    I just want to say that really this is a stupid topic to write about. There are tons of teams that haven’t had a lottery pick recently because of the mass amounts of high school players taken in the last 10 years. That is all over now but instead you have one and doners which I am sure UK will have it’s fair share or soon enough.

    If your whole point was not going to UK if you want to be in the NBA period then you are wrong. If it is you want to be a lottery pick then don’t go to UK then you are right. But that in itself is pretty silly. There are what 13 lottery picks every year and 40 something other players taken in just the first or second round. Where UK has done pretty good with producing some really good talent that has produced in major roles on their NBA teams (Rondo, Prince, Hayse, Mohammad, and Bogans come to mind). Being a lottery pick is something that very very few of the even elite talents ever get to experience since so few are avialable. I would much prefer being known for producing talented NBA players that produce on their teams.

  84. kittylitter said

    I was in Thompson-Boling arena recently and I looked high and low and I could not find a single national championship banner for the men’s basketball team. Even more interesting, I couldn’t find any Final Four banners either. Hmmmmm. Curious. I understand why you say a player wouldn’t want to play in Rupp Arena. Could it be that looking up at 7, yes 7, national championship banners and multiple Final Four banners could be intimidating to a young lad? Is that your angle? Your jealousy is showing, Mr. Richard Head.

    Moderators Note: I find it interesting that the author is a Memphis fan and that has been established and you’re bringing up Tennessee, a completely different school. So what’s your angle there?

  85. Go Cards! said

    Stupid Cat fans So far only 2 have recognized that a Memphis fan wrote the post.

  86. Sam Reinhardt said

    Is this guy serious? The memphis basketball team are all thugs. And are you serious? Memphis? You all have been to 3 final fours, and one was vacated by the NCAA. We have over 2 times as many National Championships as you have Final Fours. But I guess winning Conference USA is like a title for you all!

  87. Wildcard1 said

    Moderators Note: I find it interesting that the author is a Memphis fan and that has been established and you’re bringing up Tennessee, a completely different school. So what’s your angle there?

    Dear Mod & Go Cards!, The Author is a Tennessee Vol & Memphis fan. So you are both wrong. Do a little more investigation next time before pointing out errors that aren’t relly errors.


    Moderators Notes:
    Well at least you have something original to say however you’re wrong.

    The fact Joel uses the Memphis Pyramid as his aviator should be a real clincher. Or maybe if you read some of his stuff like this diatribe to Memphis:

    Will clear any confused little thoughts in your head.

  88. Wildcard1 said


  89. Chworld22 said

    Maybe it is the fact that UT is plastered all over this page with pictures that might lead people to think he is a UT fan. Really doesn’t matter his team the meaning of the blog is the same and equally false regardless.

    Moderators Note:
    He didn’t start this blog and the blog covers a lot more than SEC news SEC teams. Such as NFL, NBA, Tennis, MLB etc. etc. So if you would bother looking around instead of being fixated on one post by one author you would learn that. Or if you want to write an article to balance things out we’ll post it.

  90. Chworld22 said

    By the way Go Cards I find it interesting that a UL fan found his way to a blog about UK. Obsession look it up.

  91. Chworld22 said

    I know he didn’t start the blog just commenting on why the author could be confused for a UT fan.

    Moderators Notes: Duly noted. I’m sorry your comment didn’t go right through Mod had it run to Hardees for breakfast. Mod was serious about you writing an article though…

  92. Blackhawk said

    OK so people jumped all over the fact that he isn’t a UT fan…well his bio says he likes Tennessee but Memphis (b-ball only). That is cool. So what has Memphis players done in the NBA?? I mean we can down grade UT ones all day long since there was only one in the NBA last year…compared to the 10 UK put in.

    But Memphis on the other hand had 5 in there last year and has quite the history in the NBA. Of those 5 last season one was Penny Hardaway – yeah I chuckled too. He turned in a whopping 16 games with the Heat. Lil’ Penny on the other hand was out all year with a torn ACL. Both are thought to be hanging it up after this season.

    The list of Memphis players also included Lorenzen Wright who some how managed to play for the Raptors, Hawks and Kings in 36 games…talk about journey man.

    Let’s not forget that Darius Washington is included in that list as well. He played 18 games averaging a eye popping 2.9 a game. But there was some good news from Washington his free throw average is up to 53.8% – seems a real coaching staff that can teach FT shooting has turned this 33.3% shooting guard into a real threat (a Cards fan just laugh for sure, they remember the C-USA finals).

    Any way Joel congrats on Rose getting the #1 pick let’s hope that he turns out better than the last big time prospect from the Tigers, DeJaun Wagner (6th pick remember?). Maybe that is a little harsh he like Rondo is enjoying playing for a championship team. A 5 time championship team. You guessed it he is playing for Prokom Trefl Sopot the Polish version of Boston. Of course in his spare time he and his teammates debate over how many of them it will take to put in the new light bulbs in the arena where they play, but he is playing for a title winner non-the-less.

    Kudos to Rose (some where Vincent Askew is smiling) and here’s hoping he lives up to the legacy that Memphis has laid before him.

  93. Chris said

    You will not get a rise out of this CAT! We are The UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY! We are BASKETBALL! I am a border Cat, meaning I live on the Kentucky side of the state line and I go down there Suckville Tn on occasion and bend you boys over my knee and give you a good ol spankin, just routine really! Sound familiar? It should because the UNIVERSITY of KENTUCKY has been doing that to tennessee since their existence. Here are some stats old foe:

    Kentucky ranks #1 all-time with 1,948 career victories.The University of Kentucky has won 7 National Championships in Men’s Basketball. The first four, in 1948, 1949, 1951, and 1958, came under the coaching of Rupp.The remaining championships came in 1978, 1996, and most recently, in 1998. The 1996 Championship team, coached by Rick Pitino, is widely considered to be among the greatest Men’s Basketball teams of all time.

    As of the close of the 2005 season, UK had won 1904 games all-time, nearly 500 more than 2nd place, a tie between the University of Arkansas and the University of Alabama (1409).

    When only considering regular season SEC performance, consider this. From 1933 to 2005, UK had won 823 games against only 217 defeats, which amounted to a winning percentage of .791. The next closest teams according to all-time SEC regular season winning percentage are the University of Alabama at .577 (674-495 overall), the University of Arkansas at .559 (123-97 overall), and the University of Tennessee at .555 (598-480 overall).

    UK has a winning percentage of at least .667 against every other SEC program, in most cases, that winning percentage is comfortably higher. The most one-sided match up is probably UK vs. Ole Miss, in which UK is 91-11 all-time (.892).

    1933-2005, UK won 43 SEC championships. Tied for 2nd, well back at 8 SEC titles, are Tennessee and LSU. Alabama currently stands in 4th on the list with 7.

    UK also stands alone at the top when considering total number of SEC Tournaments won. UK has won 25 SEC Tournament Championships. To put that number in some perspective, the remaining SEC teams have won 20 combined. Of those teams, Alabama has the 2nd most SEC Tournament Championships with 6, and Tennessee stands 3rd with 4 SEC Tournament Championships won.

    And looking beyond the SEC, to the NCAA Tournament, only reaffirms the idea that UK is in fact the best all-time program in the SEC. UK has won 7 NCAA Championships all-time. The only other SEC program with more than one is the University of Florida, who just won their two in 2006 and 2007. The only other SEC program with an NCAA Championship is the University of Arkansas, who won in 1994.



    Moderators Notes: Yet it was a Memphis fan that wrote the article. Others get that. Why can’t you?

  94. GoCatsBlue said

    I think what the mod is trying to tell people is that the author is a UT fan in football only. After reading about the authors and the “I love Memphis Basketball” posting I would assume he does love Memphis b-ball.

    However the article is still wrong. Dead wrong. And some fans of the Big Blue Nation are wrong in some of comments they have made. And others are just plain stupid.

    Moderators Notes: Finally someone who gets it.

  95. Bored said

    Must be a slowwwwwwwww sat. night

  96. Chris said

    “Moderators Notes: Yet it was a Memphis fan that wrote the article. Others get that. Why can’t you?”
    Does it really matter if it is Memphis or Tennessee? I mean come on here, it is the same state after all! What on God’s green earth has Memphis ever done? Oh and don’t even give me any stats on their last few years under Calipari. Until they produce a Championship in something other than their weak division, you have no reason to say a word. Tennessee sucks no matter what College we are talking about. I would blame the stupidity leak here on the fact that Kentucky has closed the gap in football, a sport for which UT has dominated over the years and I accept that but you aren’t a Tennessee fan so it can’t be that! I guess it is just plain ol stupidity! Kentucky is and always will be recognized as the “Greatest College Basketball Program” of all time! No matter what! So deal with it and move on. Oh and I need to add that the #9 recruit , a kid named Orton, has Kentucky as his favorite for his services. There are some big dogs in there competing as well but he said that Kentucky’s fan base has won him over. Keep it up you Kentucky Crazys!

    Moderators Notes:
    Your argument about being in the same state is weak. After all why aren’t there any Louisville fans or Western Kentucky fans coming to your defense? After all those schools are in the same state. Right? Personally I could care less about Kentucky or the SEC in general. This girl went to North Carolina. So I have no ax to grind here.

  97. “I would blame the stupidity leak here on the fact that Kentucky has closed the gap in football”

    What the record now 24 straight wins? Remember almost wins don’t count so until you have victory on the football field you haven’t closed shit. And for God sakes please beat South Carolina they are getting full of themselves gloating over 8 straight wins.

  98. Scott said

    He didn’t say anything about being picked in the NBA overall. Lottery means lottery. He even gave you people a link to see for yourselves. Obviously reading comprehension doesn’t go very far with fans of KY….typical.”

    I get that he’s a Memphis fan, but the title of the post was:

    Wanna Be An NBA Player??? Here Is NOT Where To Play

    If the main point is supposed to be that UK doesn’t put out first rounders or even just lottery picks, the title is irresponsible at best. Many posters have made it clear that if one wants to be an NBA player, Kentucky has a proven record of producing quality NBA talent (no need for me to list them for the 500th time).

    Most people won’t argue that Memphis is a quality, top program, but let’s not let the relative ‘success’ of the past few years cloud our judgment here.

    Since 2000, Memphis has had a few quality draftees:

    Dajuan Wagner went 6th overall in 2002 (where is he now though?)
    Shawne Williams went 17th overall in 2006 (he’s at least still technically playing for Indiana)
    Rodney Carney went 16th overall in 2006 (16.1 minutes per game, not too bad)
    Derrick Rose went this year at #1.

    Now Rose will be a legitimate star for the next decade. I completely believe that. But if he is the only thing you are basing your subconscious feeling of NBA superiority on, that may be a bit much.

    Long story short, Kentucky has had quite a few players move on to have outstanding NBA careers. The article, whether intentional or not, implies otherwise. While you’re obviously a Memphis fan, your players haven’t necessarily done a whole lot better in the draft (or the NBA). Next time, instead of picking apart the spelling of those who comment (while making spelling and gramatical errors of your own), try to choose a more accurate title for your posts when you’re fishing for a higher hit count.

    Moderators Notes: II’ve only corrected one persons spelling and I have not said anything about grammatical* errors. I am neither the author of this post or a writer for this site. I’m just a woman that went to UNC and WAS CONNED into this gig.

  99. UK built SEC basketball the same way Alabama built SEC football.

    1st Round NCAA Tourney exit = Back-to-back bowl bids to ritzy Shreveport.

  100. pppsssssttttt Scott. I’m not the moderator nor the author of this post. I mean how hard is it to tell the difference between the names “Joel” and “Thomas”.

    And before this post was ever posted there were over 278,000 hits and this blog isn’t even a year old yet. It’s obvious you haven’t read “Good Lord Wildcat Fan, Cool Your Jets“or else you wouldn’t be complaining or mixing me up with Joel the author.

    PS the moderator is a chick.

  101. Chworld22 said

    You are a UT fan in football and Memphis fan in basketball? LOL

    Well I guess since we are picking according to sport I will be a Kansas fan for NCAAB, a LSU fan for football, UF for baseball, maybe a Celtics fan for NBA, and how about a Giants fan for NFL.

    I love people that change teams according to what sport the team is good at then throughout seething articles about another team. If you don’t have the loyalty it takes to stick with one team then really should you be talking down about another?

    Mods I might take you up on that article writing thing. If you take up for every writer like you have for this guy then I am down for writing for those people regardless of team affiliation. Also, Hardees breakfast is the best isn’t it for fast food breakfast atleast.

  102. “You are a UT fan in football and Memphis fan in basketball? LOL”

    Me no. I’m a UT fan in both and I’ll admit ever since I was a little kid I like Indiana. I don’t know why I just have.

    Moderators Motes: Thank God you don’t like Duke. Cause if you did…

  103. Chworld22 said

    I wasn’t refering to you Thomas I can tell who you like from the avitar. I have read a couple of your blogs as well and I am pretty sure I know you follow UT. You probably liked IU because of that movie hoosier we all did till we grew and realized IU fans are jerks(not all but most). LOL

  104. Chworld22 said

    I already looked at it but I looked at after I made the original post of the evening. Its whatever man I was just busting your chops a little. My friends do the same thing and I say the same thing to them. One of my friends was a UNC fan until that year that they were crap with all the Freshman and Doughtry running the show then he switched to UL because Pitino came to town. Now he loves both of course. So I tell him I am going to start being a UK and UCLA fan (which by nature goes against everything I believe in).

  105. Joel said

    @104 I thought UCLA wasn’t in the Wildcat vocabulary???

  106. Chworld22 said

    It isn’t I just used it as an example. Since they have dominated as of late. I refuse to cheer for UNC even as using them for an example.

  107. Chworld22 said

    By the way talking about Pitino and seeing that picture you posted on this blog. Why in the he!! did everyone make such a huge deal about that freakin white suit? Pitino is a showman first he KNEW that if UL happened to be down at half he was going to change that suit. It is a good move I guess but really what was the difference. If he had come out naked now that would have been something for ESPN to talk for hours on. But I guess they didn’t want to have an epidemic of crabs to break out.

  108. Jack said

    Patrick Patterson, barring injury, will be a top 10 pick. Historically, Kentucky has not gone after the 1 and done crew, opting for kids generally interested in spending at least 2 years in college, and team play. While Kentucky has not been featured among the elite in lottery picks, the school does boast a pretty impressive list of players in the NBA, two of which, are sporting NBA championship rings.

  109. orangeblood said

    ok lofton didnt get drafted
    isnt his fault the nba is full of f***tards that wouldnt take him because he played through cancer last year
    and congrats on your crawford getting drafted to that crap heap that is the lakers (go celts) but if you think for a minute that he is better than chris lofton you are a moron plain and simple
    and who cares about who from kentucky is in the league or preparing for the olympics they were great at uk last i checked they didnt play there anymore
    but as a boston fan i do thank you for rondo
    the last decent thing to come out of uk

  110. uk fan 4 life said

    o my fucking god u are the biggest dumbass i dont even want to meat so when ut gets done sucking on the big dick of uk then u will be able to talk, no wonder the ut name is the volonters, cuz u know they love volontering to suck our cock, when they get past the sweet sixteen and get someone to get a ring hit me up jkjk dumbass bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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