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A-Rod Thinks Love Sucks

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on July 3, 2008

I have a saying that I’ve dropped on more than one occasion and that saying is:

Marriage means commitment and so does insanity.

Apparently Cynthia Rodriguez is finding that out. Last night she separated from her overpaid Madonna loving husband Alex Rodriguez.

Wait a minute…Alex Rodriguez is straight?

Word of the breakup comes a day after widespread reports that the Bombers’ $275 million cleanup hitter has been seen sliding head first with Madonna.

My take on this is:

Madonna 15-years ago? Yes!
Madonna today. NO! She looks like Tom Petty.

“It’s true,” a source told The Daily News. “They’ve been having problems for about three months.”

Revelations of the couple’s not-so-great-nuptials came as new rumors surfaced on the Internet that Cynthia Rodriguez, 34, was having a fling with rocker Lenny Kravitz. Who is in the middle of his “Love Revolution Tour” in Europe.

In May of 2007 A-Fraud was busted with a rather well-endowed and sleazy looking stripper named Joslyn Noel Morse.

Which leads me to ask this question: Why did Mrs. A-Fraud have another child with this man after he humiliated her in front of the entire world? Now there is a little three month old baby who is going to grow up in a broken home. It is just so very sad when the children have to pay for the sins of their parents.

Madonna, who is coping with rumors of her own breakup with husband Guy Ritchie, has denied she and A-Fraud is an item. “They’re just friends,” Madonna’s spokeswoman insisted.

The Madonna camp claims A-Fraud has shown active interest in studying the Jewish mystical practice popularized by Madonna, her director hubby, and Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher.

A source at Madonna’s building told Us Weekly that:

“Rodriguez has been hanging out at her apartment a lot lately. He’s been leaving by himself as late has midnight. All the doormen are talking.”

Us Weekly cited another source saying Rodriguez visited Madonna “possibly as early as the night after his wife gave birth” to their daughter, Ella, in a Miami-area hospital on April 21.

So basically A-Fraud just wants one of those not so cool red bracelets

A-Fraud joins a not so exclusive club. Every crazy athlete has slept with Madonna. Jose Canseco, Dennis Rodman, Charles Barkley…etc. As I recall, didn’t Rodman’s problems start right after he started dating Madonna. Before that he was a soft spoken, normal guy. Then he slept with Madonna and just went completely crazy and at one point showed up in a wedding dress to marry himself.

Without mentioning Rodriguez by name, Steinbrenner had some comments about the team’s on-field slump.

“I don’t know. Maybe a little less outside distractions and a little more concentrating and they’ll start hitting better,” he said.

If A-Fraud had as many homeruns now as the number of men Madonna has slept with he would already have the homerun record.

In a fight:

Guy Ritchie over A-Fraud

A-Fraud over Lenny Kravitz

On a side note, health studies have shown that 1 in 4 New Yorkers have herpes… Madonna being cited as the common variable.

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