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Happy Fourth of July Everyone

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on July 4, 2008

This day always brings that hot dog eating contest. It’s rather disgusting. Let’s look at some memorable moments in “Competitive” eating.

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South Carolina Alum Cory Boyd Doesn’t Like Math

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on July 4, 2008

Cory Boyd, former running back for South Carolina, shows his professionalism at a NFL rookie symposium by getting into a fight with all of things, his own freaking teammate.

The symposium is attended by over 250 rookies with the intent on teaching them how to develop life skills like financial planning and getting adjusted to life as a professional. I think someone might have failed here.

Boyd & Aqib Talib was in a budget and finances meeting, where rookies from four teams were also present. Boyd and Talib had been mouthing off at one another. Then suddenly mouthing turned to blows.

Most likely they were arguing on whether to carry the one or not during a specific problem, or it could have been a fractions problem. Fractions tend to bring the unbridled anger of a dumbass out of people. That or Talib was probably talking about how much money he has vs. the 7th rounder Boyd. No comparison.

How come this isn’t really surprising to people? Boyd was suspended by coach God Spurrier in 2005 missing the complete season. When Boyd returned he had to apologize. On his first touchdown upon returning to school he looked into a camera and proclaimed:

“I’m back! I’m back liked cooked crack!”

Talib isn’t exactly angel either. He fell in the draft due to positive drug test results while at Kansas.

Bucs coach Jon Gruden has had high praise for Talib during recent workouts, calling him the future “face of the franchise.”

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