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The Big Orange Roundtable Vol I

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on July 8, 2008

Well, we can’t let our Bama brethren outdo us now, can we? Honestly, that’s not the reason for this roundtable. The reason is there are a whole lot of questions that need to be answered in the couple of months leading up to the season, and I would think that we orangish blogger experts would be just the ones to do it.

So, here’s the drill: Every week, a different UT blog will “host” the roundtable, coming up with five questions that he — and every other UT blog participating — will answer. When they answer, we will link them here. That way, the hungry Vols fan can read multiple points of view on the questions he craves.

At the end of the week, the host blog — this week, the fine fellows at The Third Saturday in Blogtober — will do a roundup, featuring two answers for each question from the participants. The blogs planning on participating are as follows: this site, The Third Saturday in Blogtober, Fulmer’s Belly, Gate 21, Rocky Top Talk, Loser With Socks, Moondog Sports, The Power T and the UT Vols Football Blog.

Please visit this week’s host, The Third Saturday in Blogtober for their answers and links to the other participating Vol blogs.

1.) How good/bad do you think Jonathan Crompton will be in his first year as a Tennessee starting quarterback and what makes you think that?

This has been a concern for me for quite sometime now. To his credit Crompton has waited for this day since he signed his letter of intent when realistically he could have transferred somewhere else.

Crompton was a Parade All-American at Tuscola High School. In 2003 and 2004 he was the named to the 3A All-State, All-Western and All-Mountain Athletic Teams, as well as being two time player of the year. In 2004 he threw for 2,423 yards and 17 touchdowns on his way to an invite to the U.S. Army All-American Bowl, where his performance earned him the “Army of One” award.

Crompton was a five star recruit on and the third ranked Quarterback in the 2005 class behind Mark Sanchez and Ryan “I Now Play 1-AA Ball” Perrilloux. So it’s obvious he has real talent.

This question has many variables to consider like:

  • How will the new offensive coordinator Clawson mold him?
  • Will the receivers be better this year?
  • How much or less of the running game will be employed?

Crompton brings a certain athletic ability that Ainge did not. Such as running (and not prancing like Casey). Ainge had a tendency to throw the ball away when pressure was applied with Crompton he will at least try to turn nothing into something.

Overall I think Crompton will have a good year, but it is next year that will be the monster year for him.

2.) This question was posed on The Third Saturday in Blogtober site a few weeks ago by the Bama boys, and it brought some good discussion, so given UT’s rich history of scheduling home-and-homes with top-shelf BCS programs, what school would you most like for the Vols to play in the future and why?

I have two schools in mind the first one being Michigan. For all the history Tennessee has they have only played the Wolverines once and it was a Tennessee trouncing in the Citrus bowl a few years back. Both these schools have an impressive tradition of football it is a real shame they have only met once. My second choice is Texas and for pretty much the same reasons as Michigan minus the bowl game part of course. Plus they stole Chris Sims from us.

3.) A lot has been made of our lack of depth at defensive tackle. With Demonte Bolden, Dan Williams and Walter Fisher pretty solid, what other player do you think makes a big move toward becoming dependable?

This question was impossible for me to answer because my other two choices were taken. So I choose Stephsn Darville #68. Because he’s one number shy of having the “good number” and with a mug like that he has to be able to play.

4.) Neyland Stadium has undergone some wholesale external and internal renovations during the offseason, updating and improving the overall appearance. If you could change one thing about Neyland, what would it be?

The only thing I would change is the size. Oh yeah…make it the biggest in all of America.

5.) Different UT fans have different opinions on last season. Was it a success? Was it a failure? Why do you think so?

It was a failure. The only reason UT made it to the SEC championship game is due to a dead ball foul against South Carolina. If you remember, that penalty allowed UT to re-kick the field goal they just missed. To make matters worse the penalty was against Tennessee. So basically UT backed their way into the SEC championship game due to bad coaching. I know that sounds harsh but it’s true. And let’s not mention losing three games by a total of over 100 points in the regular season.

5 Responses to “The Big Orange Roundtable Vol I”

  1. If Stephen Darville isn’t a manbeast, I don’t know who is. That kid will take over the world. Look at that mugshot! He’s already stealing poon from Josh McNeil!

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  4. SOTH said

    Dead ball foul = play never happened, kick never missed.

    Yeah, we saw it go wide left. Doesn’t matter. The kid kicked it while the whistles were blowing in his ears. Makes a difference.

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