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The Big Orange Round Table Vol. II

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on July 14, 2008

The Big Orange Roundtable this week is open & this weeks host is the Power T. Last week, 3rd Saturday in Blogtober hosted the questions, so check those out if you haven’t already. Here are this weeks question and my answers. Keep checking back because once other Big Orange Roundtable members post their answers I’ll post the links to them.

1. A position of strength for the Vols this fall should be wide receivers. Which 2 guys will emerge from the pack to start the opener against UCLA alongside Lucas Taylor? Why?

I would say number one would be Gerald Jones. Jones is a plethora of talent that can play. Remember the G-Gun he ran last year, which was very successful including two touchdowns plus he also had that huge catch in the Kentucky game last year that helped propel the Vols into overtime which led to another KY loss.

The second one would be Josh Briscoe. He simply brings hell with him everywhere he goes not to mention good hands

2. Which game on the schedule do you, as a fan, needs Tennessee to win for your own sanity and happiness? Why?

Alabama. I hate them. The only good Alabama team is a beaten Alabama team. I want the aisles of Neyland to be flowing with the sweet tears of defeat by the Bama faithful who attend. I will take those tears and make me a Martini and I don’t even drink! Look even Taylor Hicks hates them.

3. What are your thoughts on the 8-win clause in Coach Fulmer’s new contract that automatically rolls his contract over another year if he wins 8 games in a season?

It’s absolutely horrible. I feel like Mike Hamilton is settling for mediocrity from the get go.

4. What is your favorite gameday recipe, whether for tailgating or in your own kitchen? Explain why in delicious detail.

I don’t cook so it’s called “Megan I need game food now BITCH” (I’m joking sweetie!)

It’s official I’m in trouble for that remark.

5. You have a tag team championship match against the Legion of Doom coming up. Which current Volunteer do you choose as your tag team partner? Why?

I pick Prentiss Waggner. He was a member of this years recruiting class. When I was breaking down this class I predicted he would serve 20-25 Armed robbery and aggravated assault Bottom line Hawk gets capped and Animal has his spikes stolen and this all occurs before the match begins in the locker-room area.

See these members of the Big Orange Roundtable for their responses:

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Anyone Want To Run Notre Dame Athletics???

Posted by Joel on July 14, 2008

Kevin White, the man who fired more Notre Dame football coaches than anyone else, left for the “greener pastures” at Duke University on May 31. Since then, the school has been looking for the next guy to fire Charlie Weis athletic director. The school was recently turned down by ex-Irish football player Steve Orsini, currently the AD at SMU. Where does the school turn now, since the school was turned down by a man who played on the 1977 championship team and is currently at a school still feeling the sting of the NCAA “Death Penalty”???

Of course, I have an answer…

Right now, the school’s website does not have the AD’s job listed. They have a job posting for a parking lot attendant for game day (at $9.00/hr) and a Director of Gift Planning, who has the task of collecting fat checks from alums and “friends of the school”. They curiously do not have the AD’s position there. Why??? Did they run out of space??? Does the NBC contract not pay for internet???

My answer is tat bastion of both virtue and vice. User friendly and free, whether you want a lawn mower or a trashy dancer who works at the Nasty Tuna Club: Craigslist. I have posted the following in the jobs section of the Indianapolis site of Craigslist:

AD At ND???

How far has a school gone down the crapper that a proud alum has turned down the AD job??? Your current AD left for, of all places, Duke, because he won’t have boosters breathing down his neck as THEIR pick for a football coach racks up losses against USC and Navy. Oh, but Weis can’t win with Willingham’s recruits!!! Correction: Weis won with the “great” Brady Quinn, a Willingham recruit.

The reality is that Weis looked like a genius in the NFL because of Bill Bellichick and Tom Brady (a Michigan man). The reality is that as Jimmy “Beer Bong” Claussen and Evan “Scared To Play Behind Shaky O-Line” Sharpley continue to throw picks, and as Paul Hornung continues racist rants about “lowering academic standards” in order to “get the black athlete”, the program will slip into even more mediocrity as Fresno State, UConn, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech have all caught up to. USC is now light years ahead, but there is no shame in that. Ohio State can’t catch USC either, but OSU can’t catch a cold if it comes from the SEC…

*singing* 3 tears for old Notre Dame, can’t find an AD, that is a shame.

I hope that helps.

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