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The Weekend is Here

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on July 18, 2008

Let’s start the weekend off with some linkage to fellow bloggers.

First up Moondog explains how failure and tOSU tend to go hand in hand

The Rogue Cop at Chicken Curse actually answers an e-mail I sent to him. I literally had tears streaming down my face.

The Blue Workhorse has broken the story of Favre signing with the Falcons.

Losers With Socks runs the SEC on the new EA Sports NCAA 09 simulator. See how your team fared.

The Hog Tale is revising the history of Matt Jones.

The resident hottie at The Leaky Brain revels her streaking background.

Matt of The Nasty Boys discusses Radomski & the HGH receipts that could ground the Rocket for good.

The Third Saturday in Blogtober has an exclusive look at what maybe the Tennessee Vols uniforms.

As always Yo Joe at Dreadnaught has the latest Jonathan Lee Riches© lawsuit.

Yes…yes we do!

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She Thinks People in Alaska & Hawaii are Dumb, I Agree

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on July 18, 2008

I was cruising by ESPN and reading about the failures of this years Yankees team and I spot the “Sports Nation” poll. The question was: How will the Yankees fare? The choices are as follows:

  • Win the AL East
  • Win the AL wild card
  • Miss the playoffs
  • Finish below .500

Overwhelmingly the nation and the world for that matter pick the Yankees to miss the playoffs with the exception of Alaska & Hawaii. Obviously these two baseball starved states haven’t been paying attention to the performance of the Yank’mees this year. Sad…

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Random Musings

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on July 18, 2008

You’re Never to Old for Your First Tattoo

Meet “Aunt” Agnes Falls, a 90-year-old Pittsburgh woman, who recently got her first tattoo. It’s not an airbrush or one of those fakes. It’s the real deal. It’s also the ultimate thing to do too prove your fanhood. I have one on left bicep but of the Tennessee Power T of course. Rock on “Aunt” Agnes!

Shot Glass? Jason Giambi Doesn’t Need a Shot Glass

That’s right porn-tache aficionado Jason Giambi refuses to use shot glasses or common sense. What more can you expect from a man who admits to wearing a golden thong on the field?

The University of Hawaii Wants you to be Drunk

The Budweiser bottler in Hawaii is donating one quarter per case of beer sold to help build new athletics facilities. However Budweiser has set a cap their contribution to $100,000. So, based on the price of most things in Hawaii, roughly .00000000001% of the profit per case will be going to education.

And is case you haven’t noticed we’ve added some new links to the blogroll you should check out.

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The Gamecocks Meet Technology

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on July 18, 2008

Yes this is a true story.

I was talking to a buddy at work yesterday about the difference between “replica” and “authentic” jerseys. Somehow the conversation veered towards how much would a South Carolina Gamecock jersey sold for. We had a standing bet of somewhere between $1.99 & someone paying you to take it as opposed to the “sale” price of a Tennessee jersey which the cheapest I found was $149.97.

So I typed in “authentic Gamecock football jersey” in the Google search box, without the quotation marks of course. And guess what the first store to pop up is? And yes they are selling them. I wonder if I could order a Gamecock blood sect t-shirt as well.

With all the drug arrests, stabbings and gun charges the players rack up I found it rather fitting. The first store to pop up when you type “authentic Vols football jersey” is Football Jerseys &

Speaking of the Internet and the Gamecocks, Steve God Spurrier doesn’t take defeat well but he keeps trying. Last season he launched his own website at an astounding rate of $99.95 a year. Of course everyone realized that the athletic department needed to raise bail money someway so nobody questioned the price.

Needless to say the site flopped and within six months it was gone. I wonder if the 6 straight losses helped propel that in any way.

Well lucky for you Gamecock fans the Ole Ball (Sac) Coach is giving it another try, and this time the price seems a little more reasonable at $49.95 per year or $4.95 a month. Of course the other SEC coach’s websites are free…

The site will feature more inside looks at Gamecock football including the arrest and booking process. Plus it features having Spurrier miked up while playing a round of golf & construction updates on the expansion of the team’s crack house training room at Williams-Brice Stadium.

The site will feature a staple of last year’s site: the ‘Ask HB(S)C’ section, where fans type their questions and have them answered by Spurrier.

Imagine the questions that will be asked:

  • “Hey coach why didn’t you have the balls to kick Garcia off the team?”
  • “Hey coach will you suck against Vandy again?”
  • “Hey coach refuses to give me a refund. Will you have a player place a cap in their ass for me?”

Compared to paying $99.95 a year and getting to hear the Ole Ball (Sac) Coach wheeze his way through a round of golf, $49.95 might seem like better buy. According to my sources it be easier to navigate but the Gamecocks will still suck on field.

You can go see yourself SpurrierHB(S)

This moment was classic, it ran in the paper here.

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