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Cat Fight in Pit Row…Sweet!

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on July 21, 2008

Did you know there’s another female Indy Car Driver? I didn’t. Her name is Milka Duno who I now dub as the Venezuelan Vixen.

Apparently Indy car driver and formally the hottest chick in racing, Danica Patrick, didn’t like the Venezuelan Vixen’s driving at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, which led to an heated cat fight in pit row.

On a video shot by a friend of Duno’s she told Patrick on several occasions to “go away.” When Patrick didn’t leave immediately, Duno threw a towel in Patrick’s direction. (Oh no she didn’t!) That prompted Patrick to “talk dirty” in the Vixen’s direction before the minute-long incident ended.

“She came to my team and our pit box in a very bad way with bad words,” Duno said. “If you come in a nice way, perfect, we can talk. If you come in a bad way, you are going to find my bad side.

“I don’t like drama, and I told her ‘go away, you are not welcome.’.”

Of course being the bitch she is, Patrick doesn’t regret the incident:

“Unfortunately, things involving me tend to evolve. I’m on the hot seat when I do something and when others do something (connected to me). It’s kind of the line that I walk because I’m popular.”

The Venezuelan Vixen issued a clear warning to Patrick:

“I don’t like the show she likes in every race weekend,” Duno said. “She can push the guys because they cannot do anything to her, but she cannot push me. We meet on equal condition (as women), and I know what kind of character I have.

“I know if somebody pushes me and finds my bad side they are going to get a problem.”

I think I’m in love…

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  1. Danometer said

    I never knew Venezuela women were so hot. First Miss Universe, now Milka Duno. Maybe Hugo Chavez is on to something, no wonder “Reverend” Pat Robertson wants him dead.

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