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We’ve Entered “Certain Blogs” Status According to

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on July 22, 2008

It appears that has been tipped by someone of our meager existence here. They have propelled us into the infamous “Certain Blogs” status while linking to us.

“Don’t judge.” That’s what my mom always used to say, which is like when 50 Cent raps, “You shouldn’t throw stones if you live in a glass house.” That’s just amazing, Fifty and my mom never agree on anything! Vanderbilt running back Jermaine Doster probably concurs as well. Doster was arrested early Friday morning after he refused to leave The Honey-Pot Bar in Tampa Bay. The feisty redshirt freshman then kicked out the back windows of the police car in which he was “relaxing”. Here’s the kicker : According to certain blogs and nightlife Web sites, The Honey-Pot Bar is a gay club. But, before you jump to conclusions, keep this in mind, The Honey-Pot Bar also serves great French fries and has a lovely interior design.”

(Sarcastic ‘Woo Hoo’) Jackass next time say the blog name.

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The Magnolia Bowl is coming. Are you scared? Yeah I wouldn’t be either.

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on July 22, 2008

According to the Daily Mississippian Online the rivalry between Ole Miss and LSU has been dubbed the “Magnolia Bowl.” Thanks to this I will no longer think of Magnolia has four hours of torturous cinema that starred Tom Cruise but instead I will think of four hours of LSU whipping the ass of Ole Miss.

This rivalry will have its own golden trophy in the shape of a magnolia, I’m sure that’s a piece of hardware any team can be proud of.

Interim ASB President Elizabeth Yerger says:

“The trophy should be ready by the Nov. 22nd game between Ole Miss and LSU. We want to get t-shirts, stickers, cups and water bottles for the event. We hope we can get it officially down on paper very soon. The name has been chosen, but as of right now, it’s not ratified. We had our first game with LSU in 1894. We as students have defined this rivalry and we think that we should honor it.”

I’m sure everyone wants a t-shirt proudly showing their affections for magnolias and football, all rolled up in one.

Does President Yerger realize that Ole Miss has lost seven of the last eight games and about 60% of all games against LSU? Probably not.

Andrew Remson, director of athletics at LSU, said:

“The rivalry between LSU and Ole Miss has been going on for a very long time. Both universities look forward to it every year. I am a third generation student. It’s a tradition for both schools. This trophy just gives us more of an opportunity to demonstrate our respective school spirits.”

Just add this to an ever growing collection of trophy games that have been invented the past. Except most of those trophies are cool and not some golden flower.

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Ohio State Players and the Choices they make while in the Shower

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on July 22, 2008

This is definitely the slow season. Since the Red Sox weren’t on last night and there was nothing on TV, I decided to surf around various sports sites and find something to read. That’s when I came across this interview with Ohio State’s Marcus Freeman on the evil empire that is known as ESPN.

Sometimes these interviews are insightful sometimes they aren’t. This one was so-so. But something did catch my eye, and that was the fact Marcus and other players make life choices while in the shower…together.

I hate to make you describe a shower scene, but take me back to after the LSU loss when you and the other juniors talked about coming back for this season.

MF: Just a lot of emotion. Sitting on that bench and thinking, ‘Hey, I don’t think I’m going to come back and have this feeling again.’ But we got in the shower, everybody’s disappointed. I forget who was the first person to say something, but it was weird that all of us that had major decisions about coming back were all in the shower at the same time. (Alex) Boone or Malcolm (Jenkins) or someone said, ‘Hey, I’m coming back. I’m not leaving college football like this.’ And then James (Laurinaitis) said, ‘I’m coming back, too,’ and I said, ‘I’m coming back, too.’ We all knew we really had to go home and think about it, but that was the first feeling of, ‘Hey, let’s come back and do it one more time. Let’s go out with a bang our senior year.’”

Generally men in the shower area don’t say much while keeping their eyes facing forward. If you’re a male and are showering with other males, the last word you want to hear in that environment is “bang”. It tends to bring up to many thoughts of prison or a Wham concert.

I applaud the players returning to finish obtaining their degrees, not enough players in college football do that, however I could have done with out the knowledge that this choice was made in a shower area.

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