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Fulmer issues statement about the subpoena

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on July 24, 2008

UT Release

Phillip Fulmer Statement Regarding Alabama Subpoena

From Davidson County All-Sports Picnic

“I do have to be a little bit careful – a lot more than I’d like to be.

I was getting out of the car and was tossed a piece of paper that I picked up, stuck it in with a whole bunch of things that I had been reading on my way in from the airport and handed it to Bud Ford to put in his briefcase and forgot about it. I got a bunch of questions (from the media) about a subpoena that I hadn’t seen.

I wasn’t expecting a subpoena but maybe every time I go to Birmingham I probably will be expecting a subpoena. As it turns out its some sort of subpoena to do something, and I will let the attorneys all handle that. The issue is its all crap and they are trying to use the press trying to use a day that’s very special to the Southeastern conference for players and the coaches.

Because they can’t win legally they are trying to play the game in the press I am more than a little PO’d about any part of that. It’s sad that a few publicity hunting lawyers in one of our sister states want to keep open a chapter of history that has long since been closed and as far as I’m concerned will stay closed. Obviously this is an effort to distract our football team or distract me in some way. The last time this happened we won the division with two freshman quarterbacks. We won’t be distracted I had a good conversation with the commissioner about it.

About being in Birmingham, I wasn’t trying to mislead anybody. I hadn’t looked at anything.”

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Robert Wendell Smith: Worlds greatest Auburn fan!

Posted by Billy Bob Bammer on July 24, 2008

A lot has been said about the subpoena that Phil Fulmer received today. What everyone is failing to realize is Robert Wendell Smith is an Auburn fan. Sure people say he was a Bama booster but that was a cleverly devised ploy to hurt Bama. As a Bama Nation we must be atoned! RTR!

Smith is suing the NCAA for defamation, claiming the organization and several members of the infractions committee slandered him in accusing him of violating NCAA rules.

This “lawsuit” against the NCAA is garbage and this hurts my Bama nation more than Tennessee. Every time someone brings this up we are reminded that Saint Logan Young paid over $100,000 for Albert Means. Now it comes out that this Wendell dude paid $20,000 for this Smith kid? Bama fans let us all hope these charges were covered in the last round of probation we were served or we could risk having to answer more questions about buying players our recruiting methods. That would be a disaster for our program. The biggest irony of it all is that Lord Saban was one of the original coaches that turned Bama in on the recruiting violations. (He hadn’t been baptized by the spirit of Behr like he is now. rtr

According to the subpoena Fulmer is ordered to give a deposition on Sept. 25. The Thursday before the Auburn game! See folks what more proof do you need? Smith is a Barn lover!

Worst case scenario. Fulmer takes the stand and talks about how he, Steve God Spurrier, Houston Nutt, and present-day Behr resurrected Bama coach Lord Nick Saban all turned in the Tide for paying for players. If the our courts have any sense at all and Fulmer’s lawyers have any sense at all, this goes away quickly. I hope so because I have plenty money invested in the Hoover High team. I mean err… I need to hit the recruiting trail. rtr

Now we know in all likelihood the deposition will be moved because of the game. That is of course if this lawsuit doesn’t get thrown out completely before then.

This is a feeble attempt by an undercover Auburn fan to hurt both Bama and Tennessee at once. The attorneys for Mr. Smith are far from top notch as Lawvol stated in his take on this:

“Considering that the Blankenship, Harrelson and Wollitz, LLC website includes a “Do I Have a Case” web form as well as a PayPal link (which is a new one for this lawyer), the firm appears … well … in the vein of many of the firms that routinely advertise on daytime television.”

Another scary thought is now maybe Fulmer will get mad enough to actually have a game plan in place against us this year and that means trouble. Well played Auburn…well played.

Rumored to be Mr Smith notice how well he blends in with us? RTR

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Shockey & Mahorn are the perfect role models for kids if you ask me

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on July 24, 2008

If I’m ever blessed with a son there are two people I want to help shape and mold his mind. They are Jeremy Shockey & Rick Mahorn.

Shockey is the epitome of what self sacrifice & toughness is all about. When he isn’t injured of course. And when he is injured he is still a valuable asset to have. Remember the super bowl? Everyone knows it was Shockey’s consistent whining about not getting the ball and then dropping it when it is thrown to him criticism that propelled Eli to greatness.

People seem to remember Shockey in the sky box getting drunk with his buddies instead of being on the sidelines with his crutches. Let me explain something to you. Every 40 oz. he slammed down was for the team and don’t you ever forget it!

People wonder why Shockey didn’t show up for the super bowl ring ceremony & parade. I’ll tell you why. He was busy doing self-acupuncture with railroad spikes on his pride still healing leg. That’s how tough he is. Shockey can fight against all injuries except a stumped toe that seems to lay him up for 6 months at least. Only Steven Seagal is tougher and maybe Kevin Winslow when umm Winslow isn’t injured of course.

Another Kryptonite for Shocky is razor burn that will land him on the IR for about a month at a time.

Playing through razor burn and a hangnail what a trooper!

People say Eli is a completely different quarterback without Shockey, that’s because Eli is in awe of Shockey. When Shockey wasn’t injured of course.

Shockey is also a great mentor for kids in fact this is what he said to youngsters in June

“If the team trades me, I promise you I’m going to make them pay. If I ever get a chance to play against a team that trades me, it’s not going to be a pretty sight.”

The fear of God was placed into those kids and now they are all kicking the crap out of boy scouts just so they may be the ones to help little old ladies across the street.

Merit badges are for wimps.

Now for Rick Mahorn

No one in the world would be more capable of teaching my son how to treat the ladies like Rick “Bad Boy Pimp Bitches” Mahorn.

Everyone who has witnessed that video knows Pimp Rick wasn’t shoving Lisa Leslie down on the floor, but instead it was his way saying:

“Hey you’re looking mighty fine to be a 36 year old mother, let me sex you up and make you feel better”

After getting Lisa’s number Pimp Rick then went to look for other women to abuse lovers. But first Mahorn had to break it off with his current lady friend as seen in the photo below.

I’ve already sexed you up twice…today woman!

People are saying Pimp Rick was grabbing Los Angeles Sparks’ assistant coach Laura Beeman forcefully by the arm.

That’s not what’s going on that’s just Mahorns way of saying:

Listen slut honey I’m done with you we’ve grown apart fetch me a beer before you leave I’ll always remember you and cherish the times we spent skank don’t you blow up my cell phone.

See Mahorn’s that smooth and Shockey is that self sacrificing.

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