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Minor league baseball brawl ends with an innocent fan going to hospital

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on July 25, 2008

Sometimes baseball can be a violent sport, whether it is a senseless brawl or a violent collision at the plate. But when an innocent fans get hurt a sacred line has been crossed.

Fifteen players and both managers were ejected — and a fan was sent to the hospital — following a 10-minute, benches-clearing brawl in a Class-A minor league game between affiliates of the Cincinnati Reds and Chicago Cubs on Thursday night.

The innocent fan was taken to the hospital after being hit by a ball thrown by Peoria (Cubs) pitcher Julio Castillo, who was throwing at the Dayton (Reds) dugout but missed during the first-inning melee between Midwest League teams. You can see him throw the ball around the 22 second in the video.

While watching the video look for a player that looks like Ron Artest! The man keeps busy even in the off-season.

Castillo was arrested and faces one count of felonious assault. He is in the Montgomery County Jail and has a court appearance Friday. I hope he gets his jock sued off by the guy who went to the hospital.

Dayton pitcher Kyle Lotzkar hit Peoria’s Nate Samson with a pitch in the top of the first. In the inning’s bottom half, Castillo hit Dayton’s Zack Cozart in the head with a pitch. Cozart fell to the ground, was helped to the dugout and didn’t return.

Several batters later, Castillo hit Angel Cabrera, who angrily threw his bat and batting gloves toward his dugout before taking first. Dayton’s next batter hit an infield grounder, and Cabrera made an aggressive slide into second to break up the double play.

Castillo followed that with a high-and-tight pitch to the next batter, Brandon Menchaca, prompting Dayton manager Donnie Scott to complain to the home plate umpire. Interim Peoria manager Carmelo Martinez came on the field to join the discussion.

That led to an argument between the two managers, and when Martinez pushed Scott, the benches emptied. Several fights between players broke out behind home plate. Castillo’s ball went into the stands, and Menchaca jumped on Castillo’s back.

This is ridiculous I don’t know how much control MLB has over these teams, but they need to come down really hard on these guys if they do. I think there are too many so called managers doing things that are way out of line and fueling these things. I can’t recall ever seeing one manager come out to argue when the other manager is out there arguing with the umpire.

That is what got this thing going, had the managers not pushed each other this may not have gone in the direction it went in.

As for the pitcher that threw that ball at someone, that guy needs to spend sometime in jail.

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Eastern Kentucky University football player is busted for shoplifting and for having that “not-so-fresh-feeling”

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on July 25, 2008

Eastern Kentucky University football player, Davin Walker, was arrested recently for shoplifting that turned violent in the NCAA’s favorite place to shoplift, Wally World.

Walker was spotted on store surveillance putting items into a backpack. He was confronted by two overpaid under IQ’ed Wal-Mart employees. Walker then lunged straight toward one of the men knocking him down, and fled the scene so fast he lost his shoes (literally) and backpack.

“A physical altercation ensued, and a shopping cart overturned, tearing the tip off of a 69-year-old female customer’s thumb,” said Sgt. Willard Reardon, public information officer for the Richmond Police Department.

Thankfully, the woman’s thumb tip was not completely severed and she has since received stitches and is recovering.

The lady was inn the wrong place at the wrong time. She was walking into the store with a buggy when this altercation occurred.

“What otherwise would have been a theft charge was elevated to first-degree robbery by the physical altercation,” Reardon said.

However Michael Eubanks, Walker’s defense attorney, disagrees.

“In this case, we have a theft,” he said. “At the time of (the physical confrontation with the woman), the shoplifting already had occurred. What we have is shoplifting and an assault.”

Eubanks said Walker did not have a weapon, therefore it should not be considered first-degree robbery.

“There’s no evidence that Mr. Walker was trying to cause her any harm,” Eubanks said. “He didn’t say: ‘I’m going to hurt you if you don’t give me the battery charger.’”

County Attorney Marc Robbins stressed that someone who was not involved in the incident was hurt, and that justifies the first-degree robbery charge.

According to the 2008 Criminal Law of Kentucky handbook, first-degree robbery is defined as: “… in the course of committing theft, he uses or threatens the immediate use of physical force upon another person with intent to accomplish the theft and when he: (a) causes physical injury to any person who is not a participant in the crime; or (b) is armed with a deadly weapon; or (c) uses or threatens the immediate use of a dangerous instrument upon any person who is not a participant in the crime.”

It sounds like he met those criteria to me.

Now you might be wondering what was Walker stealing to make him bolt in such a manner. Here is the interesting part. The backpack that he dropped contained a cell phone battery charger, a box of douches and a bottle of feminine hygiene spray.

Doh! No wonder he ran so fast. Doesn’t EKU have boosters to help him out with some of these items? You know you’re whipped when you steal feminine products from Wal-Mart.

Walker is a senior wide receiver from Miami, Fla. EKU spokesman Marc Whitt said Walker had been enrolled as a student for the spring 2008 semester.

Walker has been suspended indefinitely by the EKU Department of Athletics. At least until he passes a crab check.

He played in 11 games last season as a running back, receiver and kick returner. The 5-foot-10, 162-pound player was a Second-Team All-OVC selection in 2006 as a returner, and ranked 11th in the nation for kick return average.

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