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Two West Virginia Basketball players prove they enjoy pain

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on July 30, 2008

Cam Thoroughman, left, and Joe Mazzulla

The Pittsburgh Pirates have been the scourge of MLB for a number of years now. To let you know how bad they’ve been, the last run at glory for the Pirates was when Barry Bonds played for them.

So given that info it surprises me that anyone would even bother going to their games much less go to their games, get into an altercation with security officers, pepper sprayed & then charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and underage drinking.

According to the Post-Gazette that’s exactly what two WVU basketball players did.

Joe Mazzulla and Cam Thoroughman were arrested after a scuffle at the security station where they had been detained by off-duty police officers working during the Pirates game against the Colorado Rockies.

The two are charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and underage drinking.

Police had to call for backup because Mr. Mazzulla and Mr. Thoroughman, both 20, were refusing to provide identification as they argued with the officers, according to a complaint.

Police said Mr. Thoroughman, a 6-foot, 7-inch forward on the Mountaineers team, reached across a counter toward an officer.

This led to at least two officers grabbing him as they demanded that he place his hands behind his back.

He continued to struggle with the officers after police used a burst of pepper spray to control him. Eventually officers dragged him to the floor, police said.

While Mr. Thoroughman was down, Mr. Mazzulla tried to intervene, pulling his teammate away from the officers, even throwing a punch at one of them before he, too, was subdued, according to officers.

Well that was an alcohol fueled Mensa moment of brilliance. But were any couches burned? At least they weren’t tasered. I think they were upset about losing their #1 party school ranking.

Bobby “Huggy Bear” Huggins is taking the traditional stance on this:

“We will let the judicial process take its course and the matter will be handled internally.”

Bob Huggins is appalled by the lack of severity in these charges. His recruiting has dropped off from the horse-punching days.

Instead of being hauled off to jail, the pair was required to watch a Pirates doubleheader.
Talk about cruel and unusual punishment!

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Everyone Knows Free Beer is the Best Beer even if it’s Gay Beer!

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on July 30, 2008

I’ve never considered the mascot for the University of Virginia Cavaliers gay, metrosexual yes, but gay no. That has definitely changed now leaving me to question the sexuality of CavMan. Thanks to two Cavalier football players.

Junior offensive lineman Will Barker and red shirt freshman lineman Dave Roberts were arrested at the downtown nightclub Club 216 in Charlottesville last Saturday morning.

The Po Po say both “men” admitted to stealing beer from a cooler at the nightclub. Both face larceny charges. Roberts, who is 19 years old, is also charged with being a minor in possession of alcohol and with using a fake ID.

Now if you’re reading this and thinking so far sounds like normal football player BS, and you’re correct sort of…

Study the photos below. Pay close attention to the one labeled Will Barker. I wonder how much “product” he puts in his hair.

Will Barker & Dave Roberts

Dave Roberts & Will Barker

Oh in case you didn’t bother to click the link to Club 216 let me just quote from their website for you.

“Welcome to Club 216, Charlottesville, Virginia‘s only gay and lesbian bar and danceclub. Bringing you sounds from the past and present as well as thumping tracks from Europe‘s best! If you love to dance, meet hot, hunky men and fabulous women in a great gay-friendly atmosphere, then this is definitely the place you want to be! Entrance to this nightclub is for members & their guests.

CLUB 216 is owned and operated by the PIEDMONT TRIANGLE SOCIETY. PTS is a non-profit organization established to promote the interests of the Gay community in Virginia. PTS creates a supportive social environment for its’ members and guests. PTS provides an open forum for the development of political, social, and other interests within its’ membership. When you join CLUB 216 you become a member of the PIEDMONT TRIANGLE SOCIETY.”

Now I’m sure you’re thinking “What were they doing at the gay bar? Was there a fire in the disco?” or “Wait, are you sure they weren’t stealing Bacardi Breezers from a gay bar?”  Apparently they were at the bar to enhance their chances at making the NFL… Brady Quinn was holding a combine in the men’s room.

UVA….we work hard, we play hard (Everybody Dance Now!)

In their defense, they had a great thirst, and it was the only place that served Schmitts Gay Beer.

I know the video screen is black but just click on it.

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The rivalry between Cubs fans and White Sox fans is becoming childish

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on July 30, 2008

So you decided to throw your little one a Sesame Street-themed birthday party. That’s cool.

You invite all your friends and their kids over. You’re not even thinking about the fact that some are Cubs fans and some are White Sox fans, after all this is a child’s birthday party. What’s the worse that can happen?

Wow this party is lame and Elmo is giving you & your fiends a headache. It’s time to break out the booze. That’s what any responsible parent would do. Am I right?

Then the inevitable happens. Three Cubs fans decide to gang up and beat up a White Sox fan. In fact they beat him so badly he lost his right eye. At least that’s what happened to Robert Steele according to the Chicago Tribune.

McHenry County authorities say three Chicago Cubs fans face felony battery charges after allegedly beating a Chicago White Sox fan so badly he lost his right eye.

The men are accused of beating Robert Steele, 32, of Gurnee during a 2-year-old girl’s “Sesame Street“-themed birthday party in Huntley.

Police said Monday that the men were drinking alcohol at the July 19 party and taunting Steele.

They say Steele was kicked in the head and his nose was broken. He stayed several days at an Elgin hospital.

Today’s senseless violence was sponsored by the letter “F.” This never would’ve happened if Hooper’s Grocery hadn’t gotten that liquor license.

Boy, did I grow up in the wrong era: parents NEVER served booze at the 2-year old birthday parties I attended. I just figured they were cheap.

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