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Georgia challenges Alambama for the Fulmer Cup

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on August 3, 2008

Image courtesy of Losers With Socks

Image courtesy of Losers With Socks

Gee thanks Georgia you’ve got Billy Bob Bammer incensed with rage because you have the “audacity of hope” to make a late push and challenge Alabama for this years Fulmer Cup. He is presently at the hospital after OD’ing on Copenhagen & Pabst Blue Ribbon. This latest binge of his was fueled by rumor that there is a billboard near Athens that states “Practicing for the Fulmer Cup- Look out Bama, Next year it will be ours!”

Long snapper Jeff Henson, a junior from Gunsville, was arrested for being a drunken fool and attempting to write his name in the snow even though there wasn’t any snow around if you know what I mean. This is same Henson that was charged with DUI last November & missed Sugar Bowl. Richt should have known not to recruit a Gator Gangster.

That’s ok Henson when you gotta go, you gotta go, Henson. I understand.

Henson was arrested after the Po Po saw a “very intoxicated” Henson writing his hame name on the wall of a bank building. Reached by telephone Saturday evening, Henson was contrite: “There’s no excuse for being out the weekend before camp.” I say being fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life son, unless you’re a Bama fan.

To make matters worse safety Donavon Baldwin was arrested in an unrelated altercation beat down at a bar. He was already serving a one-game suspension because of a DUI arrest in January. Plus he had to go to St. Mary’s Hospital after getting clocked in the head with a beer bottle.

Both these players have been suspended indefinitely by Mark Richt. Remember Dawg fans he ain’t God Spurrier meaning he actually means they’re suspended.

Wait, Henson was injured and also got suspended. Ouch!

“This is the second incident for both of these young men in the last year,” Richt said of Henson and Baldwin in a release. “In my judgment their standing with the program is in question, and they don’t deserve to report with the rest of our team on Sunday.”

Also freshman linebacker Marcus Dowtin also was treated at the hospital for injuries suffered in the same altercation beat down as Baldwin. So far Richt hasn’t stated any punishment he might receive. He was probably going to redshirt anyway.

There are also rumors swirling around that other Georgia football players may have been involved in the altercation beat down or possibly committed other offenses such as jaywalking and masturbating in an Applebees that was showing the humiliation of Florida at last years Worlds Largest Cocktail Party. An UGA spokesman named Claude Felton said Richt “is looking into everything.”

Would you believe anything that someone named Claude say?

So far this makes 8 players from the Georgia squad arrested since January. Maybe someone needs to use the Hob nail boot on the players. With the arrests that Georgia, USC, Florida & Alabama have racked up this year how can my beloved Vols defeat these teams? I fear the Tennessee players are to soft to commit crimes. What a shame.  I feel like I’m a Vandy fan watching all this unfold.

One Georgia reflects on his team’s latest jaunts with law enforcement here. Believe me it’s worth the read.  A special thanks goes to Gray at Left on Lanier for giving me the heads up on this story.

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  1. Jai Eugene said

    8 arrests this year. Always the bridesmaid is UGA. that was one of my first photoshops

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