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Random Musings for Thursday

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on August 7, 2008

Those Big Orange Roundtable members that have answered this weeks questions are:

Losers With Socks give us more insight on the Cromptonites.

Moondog explains how Fox might be exploiting bloggers.

That’s not dangerous pollution it’s only a mist. God these Olympics will suck.

Which would suck worse? Being Bernie Kosar or owing over $200K in back taxes? It’s a trick question try both!

St. Rams and Tennessee Titans are already fighting and it’s only preseason. Sweet

Brett Fa*** is traded to the Jets. They still will suck but at least maybe this nightmare will be over with.

Knicks owner James Dolan is in a band. Who knew? Let’s hope they better than the coaching of Isiah Thomas. He has taken out Google Ads to you know spread the word.

Well what do you know. Ozzie Guillen really does answer his e-mail. Sweet…I’m mail bombing him.

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