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Big Orange Roundtable Vol. VI

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on August 11, 2008

This week the “Great & Powerful” Moondog of Moondog Sports is the host. Boy he’s talking this king far. Just joking Moondog please don’t have me beheaded!

Moondog is a thinker unlike me because I’m sleeper. So his questions are tough; however Moondog is a just king and gave us fair warning before they were posted.

Now let’s get roundtabling! GO VOLS

  1. Let’s assume the worst for a moment and say the Vols finish the season 6-6. Does Fulmer survive? If not, whom do you believe would be the best person to fill the head coaching vacancy? Even if you believe Fulmer survives, feel free to offer your thoughts on the Vols next coach.

I believe the great Battle Captain would survive. We have a new quarterback and a slew of new assistant coaches including a new OC. So on that fact alone I believe Fulmer would survive. Not to mention the new contract extension and pay raise he received.

There will be a day when Fulmer decides to retire too play golf for good. When that day comes there are some coaches I would like to see as his replacement. And in no particular order they are as follows:

  • Charlie Strong: DC of Florida. Has 25 years experience as a collegiate coach (Florida, South Carolina, Notre Dame, Ole Miss, Southern Illinois, Texas A&M) and eight years as a defensive coordinator. Also has two years coaching experience at the professional level as an intern with the New Orleans Saints in 1993 and the Detroit Lions in 1994.
  • David Cutcliff: Everyone knows his ties to school and what he has done.
  • Jon Gruden: began his coaching career with the University of Tennessee where he was an assistant from 1986 to ‘87. It was at Tennessee where Jon would meet his wife to be, cheerleader Cindy Brooks.

2. With the off-field troubles many college football programs have encountered over the past five years, including Tennessee, what actions would you take to prevent players from getting into undesirable situations?

I would take the Bob Stoops approach. Screw up more than once (And sometimes once depending on what it is) and you’re gone. I would also tell the recruits that. That way if they can’t say they weren’t warned.

I would also make them study a photo of Stephen Garcia. Make them memorize it and then explain them that this isn’t what the Volunteers are looking for

3. The Vols have rolled through UCLA, UAB, Florida, Auburn, Northern Illinois and Georgia. We’re No. 3 in the polls and up next is Alabama. With 3:16 left in the 4th quarter the Vols are down 20-17 and it’s 4th and one from the Bama 29-yard line. Do you kick the field goal or go for it?

As much as my heart say go for it, my head says kick it. One of Fulmer’s understated coaching abilities is his ability to coach in OT games. His record is phenomenal. There are too many negative what ifs that could happen when you go for it.

4. What impact, if any, do you believe Stan Drayton will have as the Vols prepare to play Florida?

Honestly not much. It’s a completely different system the Gaytors have and completely different athletes. I do believe we will attempt to cram the ball down their throats though. I’m sure of that.

5. We’ve discussed the Vols offense and defense, but what about special teams? Give us your thoughts on Tennessee‘s kicking game and special teams in general.

With or without Colquitt the kicking game will be good as always because we have Chad Cunningham. I do have a concern of kickoff coverage though. I saw to many yards giving up in that category last year. I hope to see an improvement.

Be sure to check the listed VOL sites to see their responses.

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YouTube GOD Kige Ramsey drops some SEC knowledge on us

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on August 11, 2008

The most important YouTuber and the king of paneling, Kige Ramsey makes his SEC predictions on this upcoming football season. Sweet mini-helmet collection Kige. Hopefully the $50 “1560 The Game” gave him to wear that shirt was enough to cover the mini helmets.

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President Bush: Beach Volleyball Pimp

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on August 11, 2008

President Bush loves Beach Volleyball. Lucky Bastard
He stares intently at his target
He stares intently at his target


Makes his move and smacks that ass

Makes his move and smacks that ass (this is not a fark)


Oh he has not forgotten about you sweetie

Oh he has not forgotten about you sweetie


God all three need a cigarette

Those two are his bitches now


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