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The SEC Is Better Than The Big 10

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on August 19, 2008

This video cracks me up.

With lyrics like:

I’d rather watch the Southern Belles dressed in Kentucky blue,
Than to watch some Wolverines who look like men,
I know it’s rather obvious and probably nothing new,
But the SEC is better than the Big 10

How could you go wrong?

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The Big Orange Roundtable Vol. VII

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on August 19, 2008

Is it that time again?

As Horseshack for the timely show Welcome Back Kotter would say, “Ooh ooh ohh I know the answer!”

Yes folks it time for this weeks Big Roundtable! This weeks host is none other than the smart-asses geniuses of Fulmer’s Belly, who of course takes sarcasm to whole new level. Hence that’s why they’ve been on my blog roll forever and a day now.

Now let’s get to the questions for this week.

1. Knock on wood before answering this question, but let’s assume that Jonathan Crompton goes out with a season ending injury in the 1st half of the first game of the season. Should we just pack it up and wait until next season, or is there a glimmer of hope in any of the young backups?

There is always a glimmer of hope! BJ Coleman and Nick Stephens are the back ups and people say they aren’t looking good. However I have it on good word that Coleman is so deathly afraid of the Mountain Messiah Crompton that he is mucking it up on purpose in practice.

The Mountain Messiah can throw the ball the distance of five football fields. Coleman can do that same except while laying on his stomach. Coleman is ironically the Mountain Messiah’s kryptonite, much like Crompton was Ainge’s kryptonite.

Colemanites assemble and start fighting for what is yours. Why wait till Crompton goes down? Carpe diem! Carpe diem!

If all else fails we have Eric Berry. He can do anything he wants to do except coach of course

2. Does Erik Ainge have a future in the NFL?

Of course he has a future. Someone will have to keep a current count of Brett Fa***’s happy pills pain relievers. The sad thing is if Ainge was drafted by Chicago he would probably be the starter. Grossman is out and Kyle Orton? Puh-lease. The Jets like Ainge because he holds the clipboard much like Chad Pennington did when he was injured. Which was a lot.

3. Why in the hell did you decide to blog about Tennessee football? Aren’t there already enough Tennessee blogs?

(Sigh) :::bangs head on keyboard::: THIS IS NOT A TENNESSEE BLOG.

Sure I love Tennessee to the point that my piss is orange. But me and the writers here strive to cover all teams from all sports. We don’t focus solely on Tennessee or the SEC. I do love to pick on Tennessee (which reminds me I’m worried since we haven’t had any arrests lately) & the other teams of the SEC. Like my tag line proclaims this is a blog on why ALL teams suck. (Alabama sucking the hardest though)

4. If you could be one player in one game in Tennessee history, which player and which game would you pick? Why?

Travis Stephens because he rushed for 226 yards on just 19 carries and scored 2 touchdowns as Tennessee broke a 30-year winless drought against the Gators in Ben Hill Griffin Stadium with a 34-32 victory.

As most of you know that was the last game God Spurrier coached the Swamp. I wonder how that feels. His last game at Florida was a loss to Tennessee.

5 Which is your favorite rivalry and why? (Not necessarily limited to Tennessee teams)

When people talk about rivalry in sports, the very first dual that comes to mind is Red Sox/Yankees or Yankees/Red Sox, depending if they are a scum sucking Yankee fan. This rivalry transcends the field of play and dates back to the Civil War. That’s a rivalry people!

I ♥ my white hangers

The Red Sox were one of the most successful teams in baseball at the turn of the 20th century and through the following two decades. The team won the inaugural World Series in 1903 and four more between 1912 and 1918. During this period, the Yankees were often called the Highlanders, in reference to playing their games in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan. Although physically located on a hilltop, the Highlanders routinely finished near the bottom of the standings because much like the Yankees of today they sucked. The one notable exception came in 1904, when the Highlanders, led by pitcher Jack Chesbro who won a record 41 games, met  Boston on the final game of the season to decide the AL pennant. Chesbro threw a wild pitch and Boston won the pennant, but there was no World Series that year as the Giants refused to play. That would be the last time in a hundred years that the Red Sox would defeat the Yankees in a title-deciding game.

In 1916, the Red Sox were purchased by Harry Frazee on credit for $500,000. Though the team won the World Series in 1918, Frazee was hard-pressed to pay off the loans he accrued by purchasing the team and by producing Broadway shows. After the Red Sox finished sixth in the American League in 1919, Frazee sold several Red Sox players, including pitcher-turned-outfielder Babe Ruth to the Yankees. Frazee received $125,000 and a loan of $300,000-secured on Fenway Park, the Red Sox’ home stadium-for Ruth.

Ruth’s arrival in New York simultaneously launched the Yankee dynasty while ravaging the Red Sox. While the Red Sox’ five World Series titles were a record at the time, 1918 would be the team’s last championship for 86 years. Meanwhile, Ruth’s home run hitting prowess anchored the Yankee line-up, which became known as “Murderers’ Row” in the late 1920s. After his trade to the Yankees, Ruth’s new team reached the World Series seven times during his career in New York, winning four. This abrupt reversal of fortunes for the Red Sox marked the beginning of the supposed “Curse of the Bambino”. But it was not the Ruth deal alone that reversed the fortunes of both clubs.

I will not get into the complete history of this rivalry. I don’t have the time to tell the complete story right here, so if you don’t know it already then I apologize. Let’s fast forward a little bit though.

The year 2004 brought Jason Varitek’s mitt in Alex Rodriguez’s face. And then came another October meeting, and the Yankees standing three outs away — with Mariano Rivera on the mound — from a humiliating sweep of the Red Sox. And then came the biggest postseason collapse in history, and the Red Sox celebrating on the Yankee Stadium field. And the earth itself seemed to tilt on its axis.

These days there is more friction between the fans than there is between the players. I mean, we see the heat come out every now and again, but by and large guys like Jeter and Veritek are too professional to let the whole thing get “too far” under their skin. I know what you are going to say, “What about Veritek and A-Rod?”

That was a catcher protecting his pitcher, and yes the rest of the team was energized by the way it played out, but the fans and media turned it into something bigger I think, and hey, I’m all for it.

Yankees vs. Red Sox is the Greatest Rivalry in Sports because it contains every element required for a great rivalry, and more

Between 1919 and 2003, the Yankees had won 26 World Series championships. The Red Sox had won none. The one constant in the rivalry was that the Yankees always won in the end, a fact that became a significant part of the lore surrounding the rivalry: According to the so-called “Curse of the Bambino,” the Red Sox’ woes began when they sold Babe Ruth to the Yankees.

So in October 2004, when the Red Sox finally trumped the Yankees, becoming the first team in history to overcome a three-games-to-none deficit — then went on to sweep the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series — the curse was broken and the rivalry was changed forever. The Red Sox are the current defending champions the Yankees are pretty much out of it.

However the rivalry will live on and every year it grows stronger and more passionate for all the fans even the suck-ass Yankee fans.

Bonus: Who will win the national title this year? And by how many points will Tennessee win? (See what we did there?)

Tennessee over West Virginia with the score of 55-10.

Go on and check to other members of the Roundtable of their responses to these questions. Now go now damn t! Move it! GO VOLS! GO SOX!

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