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Fulmer has got some nerve

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on August 26, 2008

El battle capitán Phillip Fulmer has really got some nerve and balls of steel. He suspended Cornerback Brent Vinson and defensive tackle Donald Langley for the game against UCLA for all things: not going to class.

Fulmer said both could return to play against UAB on Sept. 13, provided they uphold their academic standing.

These are football players not scholars! It’s not like they were dealing cocaine or using a dead woman’s credit card. Langley is a pretty big loss for us, but we’re pretty deep at corner so Vinson is not so much.

I understand the pitfalls of putting so much passion and energy into the fate of 18-22 year old men, but asking them to go to class too dang much!

Hopefully in the grand scheme of things this won’t hurt us too badly. Who knows? Maybe it will actually help somehow, but I’d rather be going to Pasadena with a full plane instead of two empty seats. That’s for sure. I’m just so ticked off right now. I’m going to go kick the neighbor’s bulldog.

Please note the sarcasm in this post because I laid it on thick.

2 Responses to “Fulmer has got some nerve”

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  2. west1000 said

    fulmer and chavous have to go. the ucla game was the last straw. fulmer is probably the 8th best coach in the sec. we’ll be lucky to go 7-5 this year. coach chavous’s aproach to defense is so outdated. we can be up in the fourth quarter and the defensive stategy seems to fail every time. the scheme is terrible. proof just look at the lsu game last year. until we get rid of them we’ll have to be content with being an every day run of the mill sec team. when is the last time we won an sec champioship? and they just gave him a raise and an extension.something has got to change.

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