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Random musings 10/07/08

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on October 7, 2008

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Jim Harbaugh gets fined by the PAC-10 for telling the truth about their suck ass refs.

Even though Kimbo Slice got his ass kicked in 14 seconds by Seth Petruzelli, Slice still got paid $500.000 and Petruzelli only received $50,000.

Way to go Red Sox! I’m currently pointing and laughing at Lisa Horne who is the worlds biggest Angels fan. J/K Lisa!

Chase Daniel and Warren Buffet are apparently BFFs 4-ever!! This is the most shocking thing to come out of the Missouri-Nebraska game other then the fact that they hung over “half a hundred” on the Cornhuskers before halftime.

Some Cubs fans have erected a shrine to futility outside Wrigley Field.

One letter, short and to the point, stood out. “Dear Cubs,” it began. “Thanks for nothing.” Among the torn-up Cubs posters and T-shirts, another note read: “Dear Cubs 2008, It really hurts knowing I’ll never see you again. We had some great times.”

The shrine, at Waveland and Sheffield, was started by Murphy’s Bleachers workers upset at the Cubs getting drummed out of the playoffs. It grew as passersby added messages and trinkets.

I guess they shouldn’t have printed those World Series tickets up huh?

The Tennessee kicking game is back to full strength because Colquitt returns against Georgia. I hope he is sober and STAYS sober.

The lovely Penny Lane tells the world why it’s great to be a VOL!! This is one of the best posts I’ve read in a llllllooooooonnnnnnnnnggggggg time.

I wonder if Rich “Dirty Sanchez” Rodriguez will start booing his own team.

The 3rd Saturday in Blogtober has the 2008 version of Rocky Top posted.

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Gee I never received an invatation

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on October 7, 2008

America’s favorite murderer and now convicted on lesser charges felon O.J. Simpson’s arrogance knows no bounds. He was so sure that he was going walk free from his Nevada robbery and kidnap trial that he had planned an acquittal party.

I never got an invite. Yo Juice what’s up with that?

From The Review Journal:

“Simpson associate Thomas Riccio, after an in-studio interview Friday with radio talk-show host Anthony Crivello and retired Las Vegas police detective Phil Ramos, invited them to join O.J.’s entourage at an undisclosed location. “That’s how certain he was,” Crivello said during an interview on Saturday, a day after Simpson and co-defendant Clarence “C.J.” Stewart were found guilty on all counts, including armed robbery and kidnapping with a deadly weapon.

“He’s been predicting a hung jury,” said Ramos, who attended the trial and provided expert commentary on Crivello’s show, “The Sicilians” on Fox Sports Radio KBAD-AM, 920. “The first thing that popped into my head,” Ramos said, “was Sandy Murphy.” He was referring to Murphy’s overconfidence the day the jury began deliberating in 2000 when she and Rick Tabish were accused of killing casino operator Ted Binion in 1998″

O.J. has made comments in the past about wanting to move to Vegas permanently…well those plans might come true after all. To bad the party was cancelled because Kato Kielin got the night off from Wal-Mart for nothing.

Maybe he can snag an invite to the Nevada state prisoners’ “The Juice will be loose” party.

I can’t wait to read: “If I Hadn’t Done It”

The Washington Post reports that O.J. Simpson is being isolated from other prisoners for his own safety but he continues to hope for a new trial after his conviction for kidnapping and robbery, his attorney said Sunday.

“He’s disappointed and a bit melancholy,” he said.

Wait till he finds out that the deposits for the DJ and the party planner are nonrefundable. Apparently in his case, what happens in Vegas will stay in Vegas.

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The WNBA must do something to survive

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on October 7, 2008

Did you know there’s an all women’s NBA? No? I’m not surprised in fact this one sentence from the Detroit Free Press summed up the WNBA and its chances for survival.

“Braving the chill, several hundred people stopped by Campus Martius Park shortly after noon today to celebrate the Shock’s third WNBA championship in the last six years.”

What they don’t realize is that one of those people was Eminem, and the rest of the people were his posse plus they just happened to be walking by on the way to White Castle. They stopped for the bake sale, stayed for the trophies.

You know they’re apathetic when Detritions won’t even burn a car for warmth.

The WNBA is a struggling sports league. In fact how many people even realized that the finals were taking place? Quickly I want a show of hands…uh huh that’s what I thought.

You see there are plenty of things that are better than watching the WNBA such as:

  • Not watching TV
  • Being hit repeatedly in the head with a large stick
  • Contracting pneumonia

In case your head has been up you own ass lately the economy is really struggling. With a struggling economy comes financial struggles for the teams that make up the WNBA.

So what can the WNBA do to bring in ratings that would equate to more advertisement revenue which of course equals mo’ money mo’ money mo’ money for everyone.

Now I’ve been brainstorming this for a good amount of time, at least 2 minutes.

  • Get rid of overtime and replace it with a strip-off
  • Clone Candice Parks enough times so every team can have at least one great player
  • All WNBA player make the same regardless of talent level so allow more competition by playing the really players more than the average bench warmer.
  • Allow some of the NBA washouts to play at least 10 minutes every game. (If that were to happen I predict Joakim Noah would be in the WNBA today the problem is it would be really hard to tell the difference from him and the ladies)
  • Think topless and pudding…
  • Since it’s been said that WNBA caters to the lesbian crowd, have hot “bi-curious” cheerleaders. (Hell I would even watch just for that)
  • Don’t allow fans like this in the building: (17 second mark)

Whatever becomes of the WNBA will to happen soon because as a league the television ratings and general coverage have been slipping drastically.

If you don’t believe me then ask yourself one simple question:

When was the last time you were excited about going to a WNBA game?

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