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Big Orange Roundtable Volume XIII Hey Look Ma We Have a QB Edition

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on October 8, 2008

Like the annoying little girl in Poltergeist said “They’re back!” That’s’ right people the Big Orange Roundtable is back after a weeks absence. Did you miss us? Of course you did.

This week the roundtable is being hosted by the 3rd Saturday in Blogtober. Without further adieu let’s go to the roundtable.

NO YOU DON'T!!! Unless Kungfoo means interceptions.

1. Much has been made of Nick Stephens and his performance Saturday. Give your opinion on the job he did and what you think is in store for his future.

I think under the circumstances he did an excellent job. He was 10 of 17 for 156 yards and one TD and two of the 17 were drops by the receivers. I believe he was kept under wraps by Clawson.

He showed poise and leadership both on the field and on the sidelines. He showed why he is referred to as “The Rifleman” by putting some sonic zip (I just coined that) on the ball.

This was not the ideal situation for any new QB to be stepping into. Sadly the home crowd seems to be hostile towards the home team and there was a lot of pressure to win. He never rushed things and he managed the game extremely well. The biggest tell that Stephens is a better fit to lead this team is the fact he didn’t throw an interception and he remained focus throughout the game.

Whether it’s fair or unfair but the future for Stephens relies on a rather disappointing offensive line and the protection they can give him. It also relies on the running game stepping up so the play-action pass can open up.

If both those things were to improve you will see his passing percentage and confidence improve. At the same time you will see the Mountain (False) Messiah slink further into obscurity.

2. As Eric Berry continues to impress what do you think is the greatest part of his game?

Eleanor Roosevelt once said “America is all about speed. Hot, nasty, bad-ass speed” and that is the greatest part of his game.

Speed allows him to gather steam to make some nice vicious hits. Speed helps Berry read and react to the ball quicker and speed helps him turn a 15 yard runback after an interception into an 80 yard runback.

Another part of his game that is just as important as speed is his leadership ability. There is no question that as a sophomore Berry is the leader of the defense.

3. Britton Colquitt returns from suspension this week, so saying that, how big of a difference will he have on the special teams part of the game?

Huge! No question about it the difference will be huge. Granted Cunningham has been getting better but he lacks a certain consistency. An example of that is Cunningham looked great against Auburn but had a punt partially blocked this past Saturday.

However those kind words being said it still saddens me that Colquitt remains on the team. I’m sorry but he should have been kicked off the team this past run in with the law, but that’s only my opinion.

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    1. oskie said

      Colquitt is still on the team because his name is Colquitt. I agree with you on that, but I am not going to be sad to see him out there on Saturday. I saw an interview with him last night, and he was giddy as a schoolgirl to get back out there.

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    4. My question is what the fuck is Foster philosophisizing about in this pic?

      J-Crompt looks constantly confused.

      You Vols need an OC? I hear Tony Franklin is available.

    5. Thanks for the inspiration 3rd!!

    6. No prob Thomas

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