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Does Fulmer’s future hinge on a win against Georgia?

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on October 9, 2008

Has Coach Fulmer’s career come down to whether the VOLS win or lose come this Saturday? It depends on whether if you believe the glass is half empty or half full.

For those that believe the glass is half empty then the most obvious answer is yes. They can simply point out to the current record of their beloved VOLS. Tennessee (2-3) is last in the SEC East, and only two other teams in the entire conference stands at 0-2 in SEC play. Those are Arkansas and Mississippi State.

When Josh Briscoe says things like “If we play the way we did Saturday, we won’t beat many (Southeastern Conference) teams” after the meager 13 point performance like last Saturday night, it does cause some to wonder.

Statements like that also cause a great deal of anguish and stress to those whose glasses remain half empty. Those that believe their glass is half empty believe their booing is a badge of honor.

Of course the Tennessee Coach Phillip Fulmer and his players aren’t exactly helping their situation either. When asked if this Saturday’s showdown with the SEC Eastern Conference rival Georgia was a must win Fulmer was quick to answer.

“It’s all of the above,” Fulmer said. “It’s not business as usual. This is a very important time for us as we fight like heck to stay in the championship mix and hope somebody else gets beat.”

Tennessee is in the bottom half of the SEC in 10 major offensive categories, including last in pass efficiency (102.6) and first downs (15.8 per game).

The opening point spread is Georgia by 13 and any glass half empty person will quickly point out how 13 is the unluckiness of all.

“But we brought it on ourselves,” Quarterback Nick Stephens said. “We didn’t really play as well as we could have the first couple of games.

“It’s to be expected.”

It might be expected, but to most it’s not accepted. Of course the people whose glass remains half empty will also quickly point out about how Fulmer has a 9 lives and a contract for life, then their glass goes from being half empty to ¾ empty.

However to those people that believe the glass is half full then the answer to does Fulmer’s career hinge on Saturday’s game, is no.

They will quickly point out that at this time last year their beloved VOLS were in a similar situation last year and went on to win the SEC East. They will quickly bring up all the past accolades Coach Fulmer has garnered and that magical national championship.

Those that believe their glass is half full will point out how an improvement Nick Stephens has been. Why even the Messiah of Middle Hair Parts, Mark Richt even took notice.

“Their new quarterback … I was very impressed with him,” Richt said. “He would stand in that pocket and throw very accurately. He seemed to have no trouble whatsoever in getting them in the right type of play.

“I really didn’t see any confusion. Other than once or twice when they jumped off-sides. That’s the closest thing I saw to having some ill effect from a new quarterback.

“He’s highly accurate, just seemed to have a confidence about him. He wasn’t scrambling around looking like he wasn’t sure what he was doing.”

Those that believe their glass is half full look at the current recruiting class Coach Fulmer is building including Jerod Askew, regarded as one of the nation’s top linebackers and the 18 other commitments. They will say if the VOLS lose but only by one or two points then Fulmer’s job is safe.

Those that believe the glass is half full will quickly point out that the new offense isn’t in place because a revamping of this magnitude takes considerable time. They will also point out how well the defense has played all year.

Those that believe the glass is half full are willing to point out how Fulmer is shaking things up by last weeks QB competition and this weeks running back competition. They also believe that booing is harmful and detrimental to the overall program.

Yes those that believe the glass is half full are willing to wait until the end of season to reevaluate Coach Fulmer and staff and of course if the VOLS win come this Saturday then their glass become ¾ full rather quickly.

Now you might be wondering where my glass stands, I’ll tell you honestly, I drink straight from the bottle.

2 Responses to “Does Fulmer’s future hinge on a win against Georgia?”

  1. oskie said

    I would say I am a glass half empty person when the team gets down, but I still don’t boo. I am somewhat of a YMSWWC paradox, I suppose.

  2. Jacob said

    I only see a few drops in my glass with regards to the Vols right now. It pains me to say that, but I am a realist. Do I still cheer my team on? Yes, without hesitation. Do I boo the team? No. I just find it incredibly painful honestly believing we don’t have a chance at winning a football game against Georgia…and only a minute chance at winning a game the rest of the season. The current state of the program seems to be mimicking the stock market…

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