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Breaking News: Bowden out at Clemson & yet Fulmer remains employed. WTF?

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on October 13, 2008



You can feel the relief in Clemson. It’s a gorgeous day because Wake Forest strikes again!!!! Grobe = Coach Killer. Clemson fired football coach Tommy Bowden on Monday; four days after the Tigers lost to Wake Forest and fell to 3-3. 

Coming into this season the Tiger were ranked No. 9 in AP Top 25 poll but then they met Alabama. 

Bowden received a lucrative contract extension from Clemson after the 2007 season.

He received the extension after considering a potential coaching position at Arkansas. Bowden, the son of F$U coach Bobby Bowden, has a 72-45 record and eight bowl appearances at Clemson. 

And yet Fulmer is still employed please someone figure this out for me.


Can’t say this wasn’t unexpected… How many times has Clemson been picked to win at least the ACC? As the coach of an underachieving he takes all the responsibility. Bowden was a good coach who never produced the results everyone thought was possible with a usually talented team. Of course this sounds another coach who also wears orange on the sidelines. I wonder who that could be…


Of course Bowden wasn’t the problem; it was his assistant coaches, whom he was loyal to. That is just my opinion. They need to fire Rob Spence too. His play calling has been a big reason why their offense hasn’t done anything this year.


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  1. Clemsonfan said

    This is the first year Clemson was picked to win the ACC. Nonetheless, this is the best decision clemson has made in a long time.

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