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Has this ever happened to you when you were urinating outside the karaoke club?

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on October 14, 2008

This story has all the elements that make Hemingway proud: ping pong, karaoke, urination, violence and of course a man named Wang.

Wang Hao is the marquee player in China’s premier table tennis league which is a fancy way of saying ping pong and who also won a team gold at the Beijing Games. He is the face of ping pong damn it!

For the record you should see the movie Ball of Fury it is hilarious.

It seems Wang was outside a karaoke club minding his own business while draining his dragon, when a security guard attempted to stop him midstream. Now that’s worth about 1000 douche bag points right there people.

Kerry Wood salutes you Wang.

Ozzy Osborne, however, is less than impressed…

During this altercation Wang uttered perhaps the greatest ping pong quote ever:

“I am the famous Wang Hao! I am the world champion! Does it matter if I beat you?” shouted the 24-year-old, according to a witness quoted by the papers.”

I personally feel Wang should receive a position with the UN for saying this. That quote replaces my all-time quote “I got the poo on me” which was from the movie Joe Dirt.

Of course Wang would be my newest idol if he would have incorporated the phrase “I’m Wang Hao bitch!” sometime during this altercation.

Of course the national table tennis team denied the incident at first and claims that Wang only was sober at the time, which still doesn’t explain the urination factor.

Spain is working feverishly on a new team picture.

“There was no drunkenness or brawling. There was just an argument,” Monday’s Shanghai Morning Post quoted China national team manager Huang Biao as saying.

“Because Wang is a celebrity, the story has been amplified.”

Nonetheless Wang will face punishment and we all know how China doles out punishment don’t we? Uh huh…hopefully he will live through it.

Wang told the government controlled press that he lost a match over the weekend and basically turned to alcohol and that he has learned his lesson from this incident.

“It taught me that I have to be very careful about anything I say or do,” Wang told state broadcaster CCTV.

Wang will also reportedly receive counseling. I wonder what kind of counseling though. Remember this is a country that gave two women (One was blind) who were over 70, “Reeducation through work” counseling for protesting in an area that was designated for protesting during the past Olympics.

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