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When (sports) parents go over the top

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on October 30, 2008

This posting will be a semi-funny/semi-serious posting. I’m going to look at three very different situations of when parents of athletes or if the parent is an athlete, go really over the top.

The first case is Tye Burke

Tye is an above average soccer dad. His daughter plays soccer so being a good dad he attends all the games. He also is teaching his little one how to treat other people with respect and keeping your cool. That is if you consider pointing a loaded gun at the head of the soccer coach’s husband respectful and keeping cool.

Investigators tell NewsChannel 11 that Burke got into a fight with the female coach of his child’s soccer team. The soccer association tells us the children playing at the time were between seven and eight years old. Apparently, the coach’s husband tried to stop Burke from yelling at his wife, and that’s when the two men got into an argument in the stands. The police report states that the victim pushed Burke, and then Burke pulled a handgun and pointed it at the victim’s head. Police say an off-duty prison guard tackled Burke, and got the gun away from him.

Just because you have a permit to carry a concealed weapon doesn’t mean you take it to a child’s soccer game. Only in Texas would a parent show up being heavily armed. Maybe he is just trying to compensate for being too much of a wimp to let his kid play youth football.

The second case is Jim McMahon Sr.

Remember Jim McMahon the cocky and flashy QB of the Chicago Bears? Well his dad is pissed that his offspring is not in the BYU sports all of fame. Below is an actual letter that was sent to the BYU AD. It was also published in the online edition of the Salt Lake Tribune.

Mr. Tom Holmoe,

I am writing this letter to you because it has been bugging me for over 25 years that my son Jim is not in the BYU Hall of Fame and that his jersey has not been retired. I am now 72 years old and I do not have much time left, so I am putting in writing what has been in my heart for the last 27 years.

If Jim had gone to any other university in the United States, his jersey would have been retired and he would have been in their Hall of Fame in 1982. Jim was without a doubt the greatest quarterback ever to wear a BYU jersey. In fact, he was the best quarterback in the history of college football. He set 57 NCAA records, the most records ever set by anyone who ever played the game. This is a feat that was never done before or after him. He has the best winning percentage of any quarterback in the history of BYU. He led BYU to its first bowl win and also its second bowl win. He is the only quarterback with two bowl wins to this day.

Jim was a consensus All-American for two years. Jim was the recipient of the Davey O’Brien award, given to the most outstanding quarterback in the country. Jim was first-team All-WAC for three years. Jim was the most valuable player in the WAC for three years. Jim was named first-team quarterback for the WAC’s 25th anniversary team.

Jim was also inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame the first year he was eligible. But! He is not in the BYU Hall? How can you explain that? Oh! I know, he did not graduate, and that is one of your requirements. In that case, you will need to take out about 60 percent of the people in your Hall, as they did not all graduate.

If you will take the time to take a poll of all Division I schools and ask them if graduation is a requirement to get into their hall of fame, you would find out that 99.9 percent of them would say it is not. After all, the Hall should be based on their athletic ability, not scholastic ability.

If you go back to see when this rule was put in place, you will find it was put in 1980 or 1981 and is known secretly as the Jim McMahon rule. It was put in as the only way to keep him out of the Hall. To make sure he did not graduate and mess you up, he was suspended from school right after his last game with only nine credits left to graduate.

When he was recruited, the coaching staff assured me and my family that even though he was not a Mormon, he would be treated fairly. Obviously, that was a lie. The university and the Mormon church should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this miscarriage of justice to my son Jim. I can only hope that before I die this miscarriage of justice is corrected and Jim’s jersey is retired and he is inducted into your Hall and his name is placed on the ring of honor on your stadium. If this is not done, then you should rename your Hall of Fame the Hall of Shame.

Very Truly Yours,

James F. McMahon

The man has very good point, but it was lost in his poor writing. One should never use “miscarriage of justice” in back-to-back sentences. Instead he should try the phrase “Abortion of prudence.”

Jim McMahon is perhaps not recognized as much as he should be. But to say that he’s unequivocally the greatest quarterback we’ve ever seen is absolutely insane.

Steve Young, Robbie Bosco (who led the Cougs to a national title, like it or not), and Ty Detmer (who owned a whole lot of records also) would like to have a word with you, Mr. McMahon. Those are just the BYU quarterbacks at that.

The best college quarterback ever? Ha! Old people are funny.

The third and final is Isiah Thomas

Everyone knows that he attempted suicide by OD’ing on prescription strength sleeping pills and then turned around and attempted to blame his 17 year old daughter. This is extremely sad, so sad that the Harrison Police Chief David Hall is speaking out it.

Hall continued to criticize Thomas for not acknowledging he was treated for the overdose and for saying it was teenage daughter, Lauren, who had a medical issue.

“As parents, you try to protect your kids; you don’t say they did something when it was you who did it,” Hall said. “We know the difference between a 47-year-old man and a teenager.”

Now I’ll admit I’m not a parent but it would seem that to me that a parent would do everything in their power to protect their children and not do something like lie about them which would hard them and whatever relationship they have with their kids.

Zeke has shown the word how to go from a hall of fame player to laughing stock of the NBA & the media BEFORE this incident happened.

  • Denied an invitation to be a member of the dream team
  • Ruined the CBA financially
  • Struggled as the coach of a good Indiana Pacer team
  • Nightmare in the Knicks front office that ran off Larry Brown after one season
  • Laughing stock of a coach as the Knicks
  • Sexual harassment case that cost Madison Square Garden millions

If a child was to attempt such a treacherous act like suicide the parents I know would actually lie to the police and state it was them that attempted the act, just to protect their kids.

Isiah threw his own daughter under the bus to save whatever face he has with the media. That my friend is what I call being a complete bastard.

Hey Isiah is your daughter responsible for Marbury too?

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