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Maybe it’s bad artwork that is the reason as to why South Carolina football players can’t drive mopeds

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on November 6, 2008

That picture is bullshit. Nobody wears Russell anymore....

I think this one is titled Straight For the Jugular! Death to the Old’ Ball (sac) Coach! But that’s not all folks. Steve God Spurrier is clearly the inspiration submissions to that mail-order art school that have commercials on TV during daytime programming. I just drew the mouse and never heard back from them.

I’d always imagine that Spurrier would be best depicted with a cock over his shoulder.

Arkansas Sports 360 reports that you can own an autographed copy of the above print by going here.

In the next painting which I believe is called Chicken Poops on Steve’s Arm is also available. I mean really look at his face…it’s almost frightening.

Yes, that's right. Lou Holtz's heart, bring it back here. Think you can handle that?

Not shown: Cousin Eddie attempting to batter and deep-fry the rooster’s feet.

Now you might remember me writing about how the Gamecock players have trouble doing the simplest of things like riding mopeds. Well apparently there’s been yet another moped accident.

Kenny Miles a freshman tailback apparently figure out to operate the brakes which has led to God Spurrier enforcing a helmet rule.

“We’re going to start enforcing our guys to wear helmets on those scooters. We’ve got to do that. We’ve had about three or four accidents,” Spurrier said Wednesday. “Kenny Miles got scuffed up pretty good, so he’s out for a couple weeks. But he’s OK. He got his face – looked liked he slid into second base on a paved road.”

Of course it’s a law that they are required to wear a helmet…so I’m sure they will follow your rules instead unless those painting are causing bad judgment on the player’s part, which is always a possibility. Of course frequent use of the sweet icky weed would have the same effect.

Imagine getting high and then looking at those paintings….oh the humanity!

3 Responses to “Maybe it’s bad artwork that is the reason as to why South Carolina football players can’t drive mopeds”

  1. Jacob said

    I am an art teacher, and I can definitely say that these are horrible. Unfortunately, the new snapshots pop ups are also horrible. I’m dodging links and pics like land mines.

  2. I think I turned off the snapshots option. Since I use Firefox I never noticed them because it disables them automatically.

  3. Jacob said

    HAHA thanks. I use Firefox a lot too. I just happened to be using Safari at the time. They’re off now. I love your site.

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