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The Revolution Will Not Be Televised…But It Will Be On Sale

Posted by Joel on November 11, 2008

It is good to be back in God’s country, Tennessee. I am in Nashville for a conference (coincidentally, the same week as the Country Music Awards, Carrie Underwood in particular). Everything is so familiar: great food spots, Jack Daniel’s and related products readily available, LP Field sparkling bright along the banks of the Cumberland River, the history of Jefferson Street. Even driving here from Houston, the leg of I-40 between Memphis & Nashville is absolutely amazing this time of year, with the trees bright with fall colors as you start going up the hills into town. This is something that I do not get to see at my Houston location due to its four seasons: Cool, Warm, Hot, and Hot As Hell.


So as I go to visit Rivergate Mall just right outside Nashville, I saw something disturbing. I saw a 25% sign on Volunteer merchandise. Hats, rugs, Christmas ornaments, shirts, even dog dishes with Smokey’s face and orange & white checkerboard on the side. Now I should say that Sports Seasons, the store that I saw this, is notorious for hard to find sports apparel and at ridiculously high prices. When they have a sale, the prices are usually where either they should have been at first, or the competition has caught up with their chain and now they need to drop the price and advertise as a “sale”. They did not allow people to take pics inside the store, but clearance items were even 25% off the lowest marked price. Guess which coach had a whole table full of things with his name and/or likeness on it??? While I was there, I ran into a Bammer that said to me “Don’t worry. We have these things happen every few years since Bear died. In a couple of years after Saban leaves we will do the same to him too”. That made me feel a little better, I guess.

As I went through the mall, Champs, Foot Locker, and other stores all had Vol merchandise on sale. Basketball season is coming up and Vol merchandise is on sale everywhere??? Is this going on throughout the state??? As I was thinking about it, maybe this is because retail sales are in the toilet everywhere and they are using the Vols as a ploy to get people to buy $149.99 LenDale White jerseys while they are shopping. But that is spin, and if I am gonna spin things that way then I am no better than a member of the Red Elephant Club.

It could be worse though. Anything with Vince Young’s name, face, or jersey # has been on clearance for months according to the assistant manager, and they still haven’t sold much of it…


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