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Oh My God! The End Is Near! There Wasn’t an Update this Morning!

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on November 18, 2008


That’s right people there certainly wasn’t an update this morning. You see I also serve on as the president of my condo association. Last night was a rather lengthy board meeting.

With that being said let me say this:

Carl you’re an asshole and you talk to much and Cindy if you wasn’t so slutty looking you could be doable.

People blame those two, I just mentioned because of them I over slept this morning leaving barely enough time to make it to work on time.

Now let’s get to business. I promise I’ll have a better update tomorrow morning unless Cindy cleans her self up and decides to blow me.

Has anyone notice just how frighteningly ugly the Oregon Ducks uniforms are getting? Are those wings made out of machetes? Are they some kind of mutant genetically modified super killing machine duck?

And WTF is this? This was taken in the stands of this weekend’s past Auburn game. And he’s the cutest girl at Auburn. (Sorry Auburn fans I had to) Are the pony tails real human hair taken from his victims?

Speaking of Auburn, Dennis Fran “The Fraud” Franchione is defending Tommy Tuberville.

“Tommy Tuberville is a great coach, and I don’t think anything should happen to him,” Franchione said. “He’s beaten Alabama six times in a row.”

Since this is a very short update I’ll let you know that Isaac Stockton will not be denied his ball!

Skip around to the 18 second mark to see what I call a “It’s concentration bitch!” catch. When he get hit you’re going to think “Why is Thomas posting a snuff film?”

It will shake your bowels.

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