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Can someone please tell Roger Goodell that the NFL is facing larger issues than misbehaving mascots and the usage of the words “Ref you suck”?

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on November 20, 2008

Wow that might be my longest title ever. The NFL is tons of image problems right now, from steroid usage, Spy-Gate, horrid officiating & Pac-Man Jones. Given all that Sheriff Goodell has deemed misbehaving mascots atop his priority list.

His first target is Rowdy who is the Dallas Cowboys’ answer to Nebraska’s Big Red that doubles as a mascot. Tim MacMahon of the Dallas Morning News warns that Rowdy is about get his ass handed to him for of all things, doing his job which is to have fun and entertain the crowd.

That darn rabble-rouser got himself on double-secret probation with the NFL. His trouble started when T.O. and Rowdy exchanged a chest bump after a touchdown in the Monday night game against the Eagles.

Some uptight NFL dudes got their britches in a bunch about prearranged celebrations involving mascots and threatened to slap the Cowboys with a five-figure fine. Jerry Jones … eventually decided that it’d be in the Cowboys’ best interests to minimize the mascot’s exposure during games.

Rowdy is banished to the locker room except for pregame and a brief third-quarter appearance to fire T-shirts into the crowd.

Please tell me this is some misunderstanding. Look, I hate Dallas (sorry Joel’s wife) but this issue goes way beyond Dallas. With all the problems the NFL is facing right now, one would tend to think that wasn’t a big deal and overlook the whole thing.

This is a complete joke. I remember that the whole point of mascots was supposed to get the crowd pumped up. Last I checked, college football teams often center around their mascots. It sounds like to me like Goodell just has a problem with Jerry Jones. He needs to focus on real issues.

Even though the officiating this season makes the SEC referee crew headed by Penn Wagers look like they never miss a call, don’t you dare yell that they suck.

Arlene Ryan-Veldhuis has been a Tampa Bay Bucs season ticket holder for more than 10 years. She sits in the third row behind the Bucs bench on the 32 yard line. She loves to cheer for her team. The problem is she has a loud booming voice, so of course she can be heard.

Although she cheers on her favorite team, Arlene gets perturbed (like most fans such as myself) when a NFL referee makes a call that she thinks is wrong. And this year there have been a lot of wrong calls.

She says that everlasting phrase that she screams when she thinks there has been a bad call. She yells, “Ref, you suck!” when she is upset with the so called “zebra on the field.”

Some uptight fans such as Sandy Schene take offense at the fact Arlene actually gets excited and into the game. So her solution was to tattle tell about Arlene to the Tampa Sports Authority.

The Tampa Sports Authority in turn says Arlene is violating the new NFL policy which says “Profanity (swearing/off color/offensive language) will not be tolerated on the Tampa Sports Authority property. Patrons will be ejected for using offensive language due to this rule that the NFL has implemented.

Arlene claims she was told by the TSA to please stop saying, “Ref, you suck.” The woman says she doesn’t understand why it is considered offensive. She states it is “not one of the seven words you can’t say on television” and she thinks she should be able to express herself.

Sure Arlene looks like a transvestite with a bad wig; I can see the shaved beard and Adam’s apple…sorry, maybe I need to update the prescription on my contacts…anyway that’s not the point. The point is you trying to tell me that the NFL will also regulate free speech?

Wow, have they not ever seen HBO sports, where you hear the coaches using curse words, you never new existed?

You suck isn’t profanity.

If the NFL is attempting to censor speech then they won’t be around much longer. That’s what makes the games fun. She has a right to her opinion. She thinks the ref sucks, thus, that is her right.

I would have caused a riot if I was there.

I do understand the other side from the other fan. I’ve been to events where there were drunk and loud idiots that just ruin it for everybody. Either way, nobody likes a snitch-bitch.

It is weird that the sport is so violent, yet they have a problem with “you suck.” Maybe they need to find another sport to follow.

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