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Ushering in the Era of King Kiffin…Spurrier is already scared & whining

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on December 2, 2008

Well it official. Yesterday marks the day the Lane Kiffin era began. He will earn will earn $2 million in 2009 and the contract will escalate to $2.75 million by its end in 2014.

There has been a lot of speculation as to who the coaches are that he is bringing in. I’ve heard everyone from his father the defensive guru Monty Kiffin to Coach 0. (Which would be sweet as hell because that gives me ammunition to make fun of this staff)

“I’m rolling my sleeves up and going to work,” said Kiffin, after being introduced. “I can promise you that no one is going to outwork me and no one is going to outwork my staff. It starts today.”

Everyone knows of his resume so there isn’t really any reason for me to re-type it. The page has been turned; let’s see what this young man can do for UT. Plus his wife is SMOKING HOT…my my my….

This is just my opinion but I feel this is a good hire for Tennessee. King Kiffin TM has a tremendous football heritage and brings a large brain trust to the table with incredible recruiting possibilities. He is somewhat of a risk because of his limited track record but we have to have some faith in Mike Hamilton. After all he did hire Bruce Pearl! He is bringing assistants to the table also who will energize the program the way it should be.

Kiffin gave an A+ press conference and has the quote of the day:

“It’s going to be fun hearing ‘Rocky Top’ after we beat Florida next year”

Of course this has the ole ball (sac) coach Steve God Spurrier worried. Seems the coach that was just humiliated by Clemson’s interim coach, Dabo Swinney (who was offered the job on a full-time bases yesterday), is already complaining about King Kiffin TM.

It seems Head Cock in Charge Spurrier is all upset because Kiffin called a recruit on Sunday before he was announced as the head coach yesterday.

“You’re supposed to have passed the NCAA test and be on board, I think. But maybe he was just calling him as an interested observer,” Spurrier said today, laughing. “I don’t know. But technically to be able to recruit you’re supposed to pass the NCAA test.

I know when I was hired, after the press conference I took the test to qualify you to be a recruiter. I hadn’t taken it in three or four years. At that time I could start making calls. I don’t know if he was permitted to make that call or not. You’ll have to ask somebody else.”

Guess what Spurrier Kiffin signed the contract on Saturday and per King KiffinTM:

“As far as recruiting, we’ve hit the ground running. I took the test a few days before I got hired here so that we could do that. Yesterday was the first day we could start calling guys, and we started knocking them out everywhere. This is very important for where we are right now. It was important to have a meeting with the team last night and touch those guys first so that they knew about this officially before you guys did. After that, it was right to recruiting.”

  • Signed contract on Saturday √
  • Took the test before calling Giles √
  • Put fear in Spurrier and made him start whining √

Sounds like sour grapes to me…considering Spurrier was named the most whiniest coach in all of college football I’m far from surprised.

Click to enlarge it's worth it

Did I mention that Kiffin’s spouse is smoking hot?


3 Responses to “Ushering in the Era of King Kiffin…Spurrier is already scared & whining”

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  2. Jacob said

    If the recruits he pulls are as good as his wife is hot, we’re gonna be stacked

  3. Joel said

    Call me cynical, but I still don’t know about this hire. Hell, Coach O was a great recruiter. What will he do with them???

    Speaking of Coach O, could you imagine that Vol war room when they call recruits, with him screaming “Wild Boyz” while Lane Kiffin is combing his hair and Monte Kiffin saying in a gruff voice “He ain’t no John Lynch. Damn I am glad to be away from that asshole Gruden”…

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