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Sorry King Kiffin, but the queen is more popular than you

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on December 4, 2008

It was bound to happen and it has happened. There is now a website solely dedicated to beauty of King Kiffin’s smoking-ass hot wife Layla. It’s called I Would do Layla

Now before you judgmental people automatically assume it was me, I’ll have you know that I have nothing to do with this, so quit staring at me. I said quit freaking staring at me damn it! I will have you on your knees praying to little baby Jesus faster than Charlie Weis can clean out an all you can eat buffet.

There, that’s better. Besides if I started this site I would take full credit.

Last Monday, the day King Kiffin© was announced as the new Tennessee head football coach, people flooded the Internet. Not for news on the King, no for pics of Layla. In fact she was the third most searched term on Google Trends.

According to the creators of this site Layla should be an assistant coach.

“They say behind every great man there is a great looking woman! Well it might not go exactly like that but it should! Our new YOUNG coach Lane Kiffin is toating a super hot M.I.L.F.. I’m hoping she’s involved in the game plan somehow.

Welcome to Knoxville and PLEASE come around quite often! At least a loss won’t be quite as bad next year. Come here and get lost in those georgious blue eyes!”

Hopefully someone has notified the webmaster that they misspelled “gorgeous.”

I will however concede to the fact that having her in the game plan couldn’t be any worse than having Dave Clawson or Randy Sanders involved.

Anyone ever notice how Lane’s got that knowing “Yes, boys. I’m banging that.” look on his face? I for one can’t wait for the Erin Andrews/Layla Kiffin interview/pretty-off/imaginary jello wrestling.

2 Responses to “Sorry King Kiffin, but the queen is more popular than you”

  1. Ghost of Neyland said


    It was just a matter of time, really. Perversion is taken to a new level in the South, brotha.

  2. Joel said

    She should certainly help with recruiting…

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