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Something just isn’t quite right with the Tuberville departure from Auburn

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on December 5, 2008

Is something amiss on the plains of Auburn? After what seemed to be a never ending speculation on whether Tommy T would be fired we found out he “resigned.”

By most accounts this seems to be true. Auburn’s AD states he was “shocked” that Tubby resigned. Of course maybe after seeing what happened to Fulmer, Tubby took the high road.

If Tubby didn’t have the support from the Board of Trustees………he probably didn’t have it from the AD either, but that is only my opinion.

Of course Tubby’s mama is telling a newspaper that “He didn’t resign. He was fired.”

“He didn’t resign,” Olive Tuberville said. “He was fired.”

“He called and told me,” she said. “He made it through (the phone call to her) pretty good. He was dreading telling the players .This went on too long. They had their minds made up days ago, I imagine. It was tough. He didn’t know what to expect. All of his friends have stayed with him.”

For some strange reason I find this more factual. Let’s say Tubby did resign, one would think he would tell his assistant coaches ahead of time. At the time this all took place his assistants were out hitting the recruiting trails.

A couple of the assistant’s spouses were so enraged that they called a local sports show to vent publicly.  You can listen to the calls here.

Donna Dunn who is the spouse of the then D-line coach Don Dunn said her husband found out by a recruits coach when he was visiting him. She also states that her son, who is a student at Auburn, found out when a classmate interrupted a presentation he was giving to tell him his dad was unemployed.

That kid gets an A+ for his how-to presentation “On Being a Huge Asshole”

Amy Enzminger, the spouse of offensive coordinator Steve Enzminger, states he found out while out recruiting in Maryland. She also accuses Nick Satan I mean Saban of buying players. Well, duh everyone knows that. She also brings up Bobby Lowder, the Auburn trustee who got the president of the university fired in 2001 and tried to hire Bobby Petrino behind Tuberville’s back in 2003. Of course as everyone knows Auburn went 13-0 the following and was denied a shot at the National Championship.

Either it’s an interesting situation. You should listen to the calls. They’ll crack you up.

As far as the fark, Tommy Tuberville is a very good dancer. You ever see Tommy
Tuberville dancing? Tommy Tuberville is very tall. That helps. It makes him…lankier.

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