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What you can get me for Christmas

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on December 11, 2008

I had an e-mail from a reader yesterday asking me what they could get me for Christmas because my antics brighten their day. Aww… And they also wanted to know my blood type, credit card numbers, social security number and address.

I promised I wouldn’t use their real name in this piece. So I won’t.  See Sherry I can keep a promise. Oh…damn my bad.

Well after giving it mucho thought I’ve settled on wanting as much money as Mark Cuban, but since that likely won’t happen I’ll take the All Refs Suck Mark Cuban doll instead. Notice the boots. They must come with the American History X boots Sherry or don’t get me anything at all! This sure beats the James Dolan action figure and its lame-ass deposition play set.

Other phrases the doll says that didn’t get on tape are:

“My brother’s not a douche bag. Seriously!”

“Fuck you ref! I can buy and sell your ass!”

“I’m an icky elf!”

“The grass is always greener on Josh Howard’s side.”

“ is going to be the next Google!”

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