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Disney World is not so magical for two Pop Warner teams

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on December 16, 2008

Next thing you know these kids will all be wearing sweatpants to nightclubs and getting their Johnsons on National TV!

This is a story that could make Pacman Jones reminisce about the good ole days of his youth. Apparently the state of Florida holds the super bowl of Pop Warner teams and as many of you know whenever a super bowl is in town so is trouble.

The Eagles of Dorchester (Massachusetts) & the Eagles of Edgewood (Rhoda Island) decided to have an all male version of Westside Story in the hotel cafeteria which led to both teams actually being booted from their hotel.

For punishment they should have forced them to spend 4 hours at It’s A Small World.

“The Dorchester Eagles, ages 11 to 15, and the Edgewood Eagles of Rhode Island were booted from their Disney World hotel on Thursday after multiple members of the two teams got into a physical fight in the hotel cafeteria, said Pop Warner spokesman Jason Howarth.

As a result, the Dorchester Eagles’ future with Pop Warner may be in jeopardy, he said.

[Edgewood Eagles President George] Lindell said the Thursday incident was a continuation of an incident Wednesday at Hollywood Studios, formerly MGM studios, which Disney opened up to all Pop Warner teams and guests for free food, ice cream and rides”

Pop Warner teams have team presidents now? Maybe Phil Savage does have a future.

To make matters worse the Dorchester team received about $4000.00 from the NFL to help cover costs of the trip. I’m sure Goodell is thrilled to hear about that. Each and every player on that team now has an immediate 4 game suspension waiting for them if they ever get to the NFL.

Whatever happened to that whole modicum of respect and dignity… You know the stuff the modern NFL has with such athletes like Plaxico Burress, Adam Jones and Matt Jones…

Wait… These kids are screwed.

With this behavior it’s a wonder Jerry Jones has asked for the roster to help identify the troublemakers and offer them a future contract.

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