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So who watches Utah in the regular season anyway?

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on January 8, 2009

Is he doing the Ickey Shuffle?

“I know nothing!” – Sgt. Schultz

Now before any Utah fans start sending me hate e-mail please note there’s a method to my madness, plus it’s a valid question. After all ESPN only broadcast one Utah game this year (their season opener against Michigan), and most people do not get the Mountain West Sports Network on their cable systems.

Now I know there’s a Utah fan seething with anger right now so let me say this: I personally believe the BCS should kick out the Big Least and replace it with the Mountain West. That or I wouldn’t mind seeing the PAC-10 man up and invite Utah and Fresno State into their conference so they could have a championship game.

Several Harris Poll voters openly admitted that they to didn’t watch Utah play at all this season, until they saw them in the Sugar Bowl. I’ve renamed that game to Rammer Jammer Utes dropped the HAMMER!!! BTW

Keep in mind these are actual quotes from actual voters:

“I did not see them play [in the regular season],” Bobby Aillet said.

“I didn’t see any live games,” Lance McIlhenny said. “I just [saw] highlights.”

“I don’t recall if I saw them play specifically during the regular season,” David Housel said. “I don’t remember a specific game.”

Of course Craig Thompson the commissioner of the Mountain West doesn’t like hearing this.

“I think you can find Utah if you want to find it. There’s definitely some self-serving there.”

utah-fans-emailIt’s okay. The Mormons will have their revenge when they’re off ruling their planet, and we’re in hell.

Boston Globe writer, Bob Ryan, states that Utah doesn’t play in a good conference. Oh really? Wow…I find that shocking because the Mountain West had 3 teams in the top 16 of the final BCS poll while the ACC and Big Least each only had one.

The Mountain West Conference also went 6-1 verses the PAC-10 in head-to-head match ups, but a telling sign is when you consider these conference ratings, which have the PAC-10 barely ahead of the Mountain West.

So that being said dear Utah fans you see I’m on your side, but please quit spamming AP voters in the form of e-mails for the slim possibility of winning a title, besides the NCAA only recognizes the BCS champion (unfortunately).

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  1. Danometer said

    The BCS should auto-bid a Mountain West Conference with Boise State, Fresno State, and a ’12th’ team (like Hawaii, Nevada, Houston, Tulsa), and we won’t have to worry about a BCS-buster again. But they should required the Mountain West to get a real network, instead of that shitty Mountain Channel. Even Versus would be an improvement!

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