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Oklahoma you just lost to the “4th best QB” in the Big 12

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on January 9, 2009


Congratulations Florida on winning the BCS title. Also Florida finishes first in both polls (Sorry Utah).  At least Oklahoma made game was entertaining.


Someday Bob Stoops will win a BCS bowl game again.

4 Responses to “Oklahoma you just lost to the “4th best QB” in the Big 12”

  1. Murphdawg said

    Yeah, and some day Smokey might get a chance to go to a BCS Bowl Game without purchasing a ticket…nah, I bet there’s a better chance of Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny suiting up for one first..

  2. Tennessee won the first BCS title there was dumbass. Undefeated at that.

    Murphdawg = Fail & stupid

  3. yojoe said

    Tim Teabag is the man. You just can’t stop a guy like this. Even with the best coverage he can still pickup 7 yards. It was a good game. Congrats to the SEC. How are you liking our man Kiffin?

  4. Well so far we haven’t seen him coach but I’m loving the coaching staff he’s putting together.

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