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No we haven’t forgotten about the Super Bowl

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on January 30, 2009

Yes! The Super Bowl is finally here. Now I realize that this is the Holy Grail of days when it comes to football fans but oddly I view it as a solemn day because it marks the end of football season. Oh sure there’s the Pro-Bowl bit come on that’s a joke.

When Joel and I started making our picks he picked Tennessee out of the AFC and I picked Pittsburgh. We both picked the Panthers from the NFC and oh boy was we wrong! Now I did pick Arizona to beat Atlanta however I figured Philly would devour them.

No one can explain why Arizona got on the hot streak like they did and became the newest NFL media darlings, but that’s what makes sports so much fun isn’t it?

That's something that usually results in a restraining order at Larry Fitzgerald's house.

In case you were wondering you start celebrating the Super Bowl by joining Jared from Subway in an internet chat courtesy of ESPN. Who would win a cage match between Jared and the “can you hear me now” guy? God knows when I think of football and the Super Bowl Jared from Subway is the first name I always think of. The ShamWow guy must not have been available.

Onto our picks

Joel says: Steelers by 10. Kurt Warner will be drawing Jesus pictures into the sunset & Leinert will QB the Cardinals back to their rightful place of ineptitude next year…

Thomas says: I firmly believe that the buzz saw known as the Arizona Cardinals has become dull during this 2 weeks of non-football hell. That being said I believe Pittsburgh defense will control the game for the most part. Steelers by 14.

Something tells me this woman's physique does not match that of the woman in the tattoo

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Mascot ejected, the coaches fight at the end…somewhere in here there was a basketball game played

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on January 30, 2009

In case you missed the Tulane-Rice game and most of you did, you missed a very entertaining collection of unfortunate events.

First off the Rice mascot, Sammy the Owl, get ejected from the game for head butting the ref. Check the video at the 1:39 mark.

It’s rumored that his post-game statement was “They knew what I was when they hired me.” Hoot does he think he is anyway? In the owl’s defense, the ref wouldn’t shut up about licking tootsie pops.

Next let’s move the end of the game where Kevin Sims went coast-to-coast and scored the game winning lay-up. Tulane coach Dave Dickerson was understandability happy and high fived some of his players before taking the time to shake hands with the Rice coaching staff. That upset the Rice coaching staff and a melee ensues. Lovely…check the 1:23 mark on the video.

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