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Daughter of Florida assistant coach will make any police officer in Iowa sorry

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on February 17, 2009

Pick a team, bitch.

If there’s one thing in life I hate it would be spoiled whiney children. So basically I hate almost every kid of an athlete and/or coach. This also applies to anyone who feels “privileged” because who their family is. 

Dan McCarney is the former failboat head football coach of the Iowa State Cyclones and current defensive line coach the University of Florida. 

His firstborn Jillian, 21, seems to be a little aggressive…I say that because she was arrested on Saturday night for assaulting a police officer and keeping a disorderly house. 

“Police say Jillian McCarney also told officers her father would fight them and threatened violence against them several times. According to the police report, McCarney asked the officer, “Do you know who my dad is? He is Dan McCarney.” Jillian McCarney told the officer she “guaranteed all her charges will be ‘dropped’ because her name is ‘McCarney’ and they have ‘a lot of money,’” according to police.” 

Ha! If it was my child who said that I would contact the arresting officer and beg him to find more charges to level on her ass. 

The charge of “Keeping a disorderly house,” in case you didn’t know, is refusing to turn down the music and telling your drunker than hell friends to go home. I suppose it’s better than “keeping a house of ill repute” 

One of the great ironies in sports is the fact coaches portray and even embody an almost God-like ability to be the father of their team, but so many of them are total failures as fathers of their biological families who they abandoned long ago in order to pursue their career. 

Dumb bitch. They’re campus cops, just show them your tits and shotgun a beer with them and you’ll stay out of the papers.

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