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Maurice Clarett seeks redemption and a better WiFi connection while in prison

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on March 5, 2009


When I started this blog, I started it using WordPress. I’ve watched this blog turn from nothing to being linked to by CNN, all under two years time. Yeah I thought I was cool…

That was then and this is now. It seems any moron can be a blogger now. Why take former running back who is serving time for robbery and other charges, Maurice Clarett, for example.

Even though he was involved with the Israeli mob and was arrested carrying a hatchet, was sentenced to 7 1/2 years in prison in August of 2006 on a variety of charges, including robbery and resisting arrest, he is still a prison blogger.

According to his blog archives, he’s been blogging since 10/08. Let’s have a look at his stuff:

“I had a chance to get outside and run sprints on the track today. It felt so good to feel the fresh air. The facility does not have windows in the cell that I can open, so I don’t get a chance to feel nature that often during the winter months. Today was an exception though. I had a blast just running on the yard. I felt like a little kid inside. It felt like the energy of the earth would have allowed me to run all day long. We only have recreation for two hours and I enjoyed it all. I appreciated the time I did get.

I now wonder to myself, “is this what life is all about?” Am I supposed to find true happiness in the things I can’t buy? Am I supposed to enjoy more of life’s simple pleasures like this? After all, it was just me and Earth. At that moment, the prison walls did not exist. Now that I say that, I want to remind everyone that they shouldn’t feel sorry for me because I am not suffering. I may be in a situation that isn’t ideal, but I am free in my mind and at heart. My mandatory time is almost up and hopefully, the judge will see it fit to give me an early release based on my growth.”

Apparently the Toledo Correctional Institution allows inmates access to laptops and WiFi. Maybe it wasn’t until incarceration that Maurice discovered the All new AOL 3.0 Platinum Edition…he’s still on his 50 Free Hours.

Since this story was written (which I forgot to post) the Columbus Dispatch has ran a story and guess what is revealed?

“Inmates don’t have computer access; his mother, Michelle Clarett, confirmed yesterday that he calls his blog entries to family members who post them for him. The entries – a mixture of philosophy, advice, famous quotations and humor – started last October.”

Wait; there are no computers in Prison? How the hell is a man supposed to get his sexual gratification– oh. Oh, I see.

The writer for the Dispatch also shares some e-mails about this very subject in the same article.

“That was a niece piece you wrote on Maurice in the Dispatch today. It was fair and balanced. Most importantly, it was right on point. Indeed, “The Mind of Maurice Clarett” is a sincere expression of his inner most thoughts, beliefs and life’s experiences. Dominic Mango and I were Maurice’s attorneys on his criminal case and I have stayed in close contact with him ever since. I am pleased to report that Maurice is doing extremely well. He has been a model inmate throughout. Now that his course materials have finally arrived from OU, he is thrilled to be back working towards his college degree from The Ohio State University.”

I do believe that shiv crafting is an elective at Ohio State however real bloggers type bitch!

And to think for a free laptop with WiFi I was tempted to break some laws in Ohio.

However Maurice successfully calls his mother a liar in a blog posting.

“Ghost writer, huh? Thanks for the “backhanded compliment.” It is ALL Maurice Clarett, one letter at a time, one word at a time, one sentence at a time. One conscious thought and one inspirational quote at a time. I study from the best. I only inquire about the greats that overcame great obstacles. Reading from world leaders, dictators, plutocrats, and even tyrants helps me keep my situation in perspective.”

And of course this is also addressed in a different manner in yet another posting.

“I just recently had a member of prison administration question me about the authenticity of my blog. They also came to verify that I am in school. In the midst of all that, I also detected that the person was phishing to see if I was going to talk about the prison in any way. My answer to that is, “No.” I have no interest in discussing prison’s day to day operations. That serves no purpose in my life. I created this site for other reasons. There are too many young men and women that need hope and inspiration.”

If Avon Barksdale and WeeBay from HBO’s The Wire can have mobile phones to run their business and have chicken delivered to their cells, then surely Maurice Clarett can write a simple blog.

Finally let’s look at this little paragraph:

“To a large degree, prison doesn’t exist to me anymore. I’m mentally removed, on certain levels. My mental sentence expired when I decided to educate myself. I spend all of the hours of my days developing my life’s vision. I don’t have the time to think about prison. I’m just waiting for my physical sentence to expire.”

This is the first sign of schizophrenia.

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  1. Joel said

    Maybe he can guest blog here. Couldn’t be any worse than Little Bear Cub…

  2. I did a horrible job on that photoshop. Ugh

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