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Get the vasectomy stay for the tourney games

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on March 11, 2009

Alright guys admit it. At least once you’ve uttered something like “I’d give my left nut to skip work and watch the opening rounds of the NCAA tourney from home.” As guys I know that we’ve all said that. Well…thanks to the Oregon Urology Institute you can!

The Oregon Urology Institute is encouraging men to have a vasectomy performed so their recovery time can be spent relaxing from home and in March Madness heaven.

They are calling it “Snip City 2009″ and for a grand you to can stay at home with an icepack in between your legs and watch the games as opposed to just taking two days of vacation time or calling in sick.

Not to be out done by a bunch of west coast hippie doctors, The Urology Team in Austin, Texas is doing “Vas Madness” as attempt to emulate and beat doctors from Oregon.

Get out of work for the tourney? No pesky paternity suits? Sign me up!

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