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Calling all depressed Cowboy fans

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on March 13, 2009

Are you down in the dumps because the T.O. experiment was a colossal failure? Maybe you’re depressed because the Steelers are the one true king of the NFL.

Well…I have just the solution for you.

GET DRUNK! Off the Jerome Bettis edition of Jose Cuervo! That way you will feel like how Pacman Jones feels while in strip-clubs:


Alone, angry, depressed and drunk all at once.

One Response to “Calling all depressed Cowboy fans”

  1. Zel Fallingwater said

    Good Grief – You are just plain ol’ mean spirited and downright hateful… which are the finer of my characteristics, too. But, you are wrong about Tim Couch, in my personal, humble opinion… And, time has proven me to be 99.99 per RIGHT ON!


    Have yourself a fine-and-dandy day, now – ya’ hear.

    Post Script: The real problems with the Dallas Cowboys (yes, I am originally from Texas) did not lie with on T. O. – speaking of “sucking” you really should consider adding Romo to the list! Gee, if I have to hear about or see one more clip of him and Jessica – I am just gonna’ have to get naked and puke on myself!

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