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When soccer coaches attack! The new special from Fox

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on April 15, 2009

By God here’s another soccer coach that I play for, if I knew how to play soccer of course. Unlike the 6 and 7-year-old girls soccer coach Michael Kinahan, this coach goes beyond the mere words of an e-mail and actually takes action into his own hands!

Pedro Santilli, the coach of a third-division Brazilian soccer team, is a man’s man and when does like something he sees on the field then by God he will take of it himself! Whether it’s knocking opposing players down with his shoulder or fist-a-cuffs, he doesn’t care!

In the first 20 seconds of the above video we see Santilli bowl over an opposing player (the player flopped!) and punch the ref in the face. Sweeeeettttt! He was angry because his team was losing 1-0 & that is a nearly insurmountable deficit in soccer. *Sarcasm*

Who knew Bobby Knight taught coaching clinics  in Brazil?

I like soccer, but pansies like that player flopping make it a hard sport to defend. Also, way to man up ref. Player gets nudged; drops like Tyson took him out. Ref actually gets punched and walks it off.

Woody Hayes would approve of this soccer coach.

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Isiah Thomas is employed again no really he is

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on April 15, 2009

In a state known more for hurricanes, mullets and jorts comes one man to turn the college basketball scene upside down and that is Isiah Thomas. 

Now history tells us that Isiah Thomas as a coach is well…dreadful but that was at the pro level. There is no telling what he will or can do at a college level. However I believe that Thomas’ qualifications to coach a college team are nil. 

Let’s run review his qualifications and I’ll you decide: 

  • 30 years ago he played 2 years for Bobby Knight
  • He took a conference champion to a .500 record and three straight first-round playoff defeats. 
  • He bankrupted the entire ABA league.
  • He ruined the New York Knicks who at the time was a historically proud NBA franchise. 

Those things alone should bring fear to any athlete director but then there are these things that took place when he was in charge of the Knicks to consider: 

  • An $11 million sexual harassment suit
  • Accusations of racism
  • Stephan Marbury
  • OD’ing on sleeping pills to only blame the daughter
  • He’s an asshole 

It would be hard for Florida International not to get better considering their record this past season and the antics of Thomas’ past might even land them some games on ESPN but did they sell their soul in order to obtain Thomas? We see what a disaster he was at the Knicks so you should wonder if he is even capable at reading an NCAA rulebook. However you can look at it like this: If Isiah can find another job; the economy must finally be on the mend. 

Rumor has it that the students have already petitioned to change the school’s abbreviation:




In a related story, Flip Saunders has agreed to coach the Wizards. 

This is the man that FIU should have hired!

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