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High school cheerleaders in a gay male strip club: I see Rupaul is working has a teacher now

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on April 20, 2009

So you’re a 47-year-old female teacher who could be facing a midlife crisis. You decided to take four students (three 18-year-olds and a 17-year-old) to a gay male strip club that serves alcohol and suddenly people are outraged. Doesn’t make sense does it? 

Lori Epperson has resigned from her teaching position at Edgewood High School in Trenton, near Dayton, Ohio, after taking four of her students to Club Masque, a strip club that features exotic male dancers and a drag show on Saturdays. Jay Cutler is familiar with the term “drag” and is saddened that Chicago is not closer to Ohio. 

Now the Po Po has been called and the club is in some legal hot water for serving alcohol to a minor. Suddenly the hot cheerleading coach that posed for Playboy looks more and more like a role model than ever before. 

The hilarious part of this story is Epperson’s daughter was one of the four, and she apparently had permission from the parents of the other three to take them to the club. After all these are gay men right… 

From WKYC: 

Butler Tech school district spokesman Bill Solazzo says 47-year-old Lori Epperson resigned Thursday. He said Epperson told Edgewood High School administrators that the students – all cheerleaders at the school north of Cincinnati in Trenton – asked her to take them to the bar in February. 

Epperson told school officials in an e-mail that she got permission from the parents of the 17- and 18-year-olds to bring them to Club Masque in Dayton.” 

Trenton has left New Jersey, folks.& all the world is in danger. 

This reminds of when my high school science teacher sent me looking for a “lot lizard” in exchange for a passing grade and somewhere Brady Quinn is quietly bemoaning the fact that he grew up on the other side of the state. 

Since this is Dayton we’re talking about, don’t be surprised if it turns out three of the drag dancers are actually hairy women pretending to be men.

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