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Don’t write on my Citi wall!

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on April 21, 2009

I guess people get so caught up with the Yankees having a new stadium that we seem to forget that the Mets have a new stadium as well and it’s called Citi Field. The Mets are such a quaint failboat of a team. Did you know that your best friend’s mom runs Citi Field? It’s true. Ask former Mets star and CY Young winner/coke head Doc Gooden. 

An employee at one of the restaurants in the new Citi Field asked Gooden to sign his name on a blank spot of one the walls last week. Well the Citi Field mom was not pleased and thought about taking TV privileges away from Gooden but instead just informed him that his signature will be erased. Doc wasn’t at all happy. Mike Piazza got in trouble at Shea for doing a similar thing to the inside of a bathroom stall but they didn’t bother mentioning anything about him cutting out a “glory hole”, that was cool with them. 

“One of the guys that worked there asked me to sign one of the walls, so I did it. It wasn’t like I was walking around with a sharpie in my pocket,” Gooden told the Daily News on Monday. “They asked me to sign the wall as a favor, as something for the fans to see. I was in there watching batting practice and they had fans taking pictures with me by my signature and I thought it was a fun idea.” 

Said the Mets: 

“It’s a brand new building, whether it’s Doc or any other player, it wasn’t meant to write all over the walls,” public relations director Jay Horwitz said. “We are going to do things to celebrate our history, but this wasn’t the right way to get that started. If we allow this precedent, people will be writing all over the stadium.” 

And please try to pee in the toilet. This isn’t Shea Stadium you know! 

The place is already vandalized with its name. I hardly think Doc Gooden signing the wall of a restaurant is a big deal in that context. I think someone needs to tell Horwitz that he is in New York city where graffiti will overrun the new Citi Field in about three months regardless of what they do. 


It seems that Horwitz and other Mets officials have seen the light and will allow Gooden’s signature to stay where it is after a backlash of fans. Plus an unshaven, malnourished Daryl Strawberry was seen writing on the outside wall of Citi Field. 

Monday night, however, PR honcho Jay Horwitz said the wall will be removed from the club, preserved behind Plexiglass and moved to an undisclosed area at Citi Field that is more accessible to all fans. He added that the Mets plan to procure similar autographs from other popular ex-Mets such as Tom Seaver, Darryl Strawberry, Mike Piazza and Mookie Wilson and display them around the concourse.

“We’ve listened to our fans on this,” Horwitz said. “The last thing we want is for them or Doc to be upset. We just didn’t want everyone to think it was OK to start writing on walls all over the stadium.”

Hooray! Now Doc can go back to fighting the police and doing cocaine.

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