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Kennedy takes a plea deal I wonder if he is finally able to have sex with Kimber again

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on April 22, 2009


Well it’s come to this. Andy Kennedy takes a plea deal for a reduced charge of disorderly conduct in return received 40 hours of community service and six months probation. Thanks in part to this an international incident has been avoided. 

After months of denying and calling others liars, he cops a deal. I’m sure it was just to put this behind him, and not because of the pictures, police report, and impartial witness to his actions supporting the taxi driver’s statement. 

The AD doesn’t seem pleased about this situation and I think he has many questions for which only Kennedy has the answers. 

“Andy should have handled this situation better as it relates to the time frame and subsequent dispute,” athletics director Pete Boone said. 

For those of you who might not know Kennedy was arrested last December when Mississippi was in Cincinnati for a game against Louisville as part of the SEC/Big East Invitational. Cab driver Mohamed Moctar Ould Jiddou said Kennedy punched him in the face and called him a terrorist after he told the coach he couldn’t fit him and four others into his cab. 

Kennedy has dummied up after the hearing Monday, noting that the civil lawsuits are still pending. Like the one where his spouse, Kimber, is suing the cab driver because the stress involved with this incident has caused Kennedy not to sexually perform like a man 

Kennedy later released a statement through Ole Miss apologizing to the school and its fans. 

“I acknowledge using poor judgment which resulted in an adverse reflection on me, my family, our program and the university that I so proudly represent,” Kennedy said in his statement. 

I think this was a bad move on Kennedy’s part due to the fact he has now opened himself up even further to civil lawsuits by essentially pleading guilty though a plea bargain. 

I can’t help but wander how much differently the situation would have been handled had it been a player involved in the skirmish as opposed to the head coach. With this admission of guilt, Kennedy deserves to be punished by the university and the NCAA. 

If they make a movie of this, I hope Michael Chiklis gets the role of Andy Kennedy.

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