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Skip Bayless gets manhandled on the Philly airwaves

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on May 15, 2009

Bayless' head is about to spin around

There’s nothing like a good fight of words between two media figures. But what’s even better is when two members of the ESPN family go at each other, and that’s just what happened when Skip Bayless gets bitch slapped on-air by Philadelphia sports radio host Mike Missanelli. Enjoy the bloodletting!!! 

While running his mouth about the Dallas/Denver/La La mess on “First Take” Bayless ripped into certain Dallas fans for their “Philly-style rude, crude, dangerous” behavior. Missanelli and Philly homer and radio host on an ESPN radio station in Philly invites Bayless on to his show to “rationally” discuss these comments. By rationally I mean it goes from zero to I’ll slap you in the face with my cock in less than 30-seconds. Here is some of the transcript: 

MM: It’s real easy for journalists who live outside Philadelphia to throw these barbs when you really don’t have any information at all: 

SB: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a second. Did you say I have no information at all? 

MM: Yeah, I’m asking you for the information. I’m asking you to produce it. In the last ten years, what have you heard about this rude, crude dangerous behavior in the stands? 

SB: ”Well, ok I’m going to have to go back to my 18 years of going to the Vet.” 

MM: (Missanelli interrupts) Oh, so let’s go back to the Vet. So we’re never going to live that down in Philadelphia because of nitwits like you who rip us and make it a modern day thing: 

SB: ”Ok, if you’re going to insult me I’m going to hang up.” 

MM: Do you want to hang up or do you wan t to spar? I’m not like these lightweights you spar with on First Take. Let’s get into a little sparring here if you’ve got information. 

It gets much worse from there. Bayless pulls the “Who are you?” card out being his usual pompous ass self that he is and Missanelli counters with the equally wince-worthy “GOOGLE ME!” retort. Listen to it and enjoy a good laugh it’s well worth it. 

I hope this ended in Skip Bayless ripping off his shirt like Norton in American history X, only to reveal a dead Philly eagle with Donovan Mcnabb’s head.

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