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Minor League Baseball team better have their promotions cleared by Amnesty International next time.

Posted by Thomas the Terrible on July 15, 2009

Yeah I know this story is dated but I was on vacation at the time so there. It’s definitely a PC world when a promotion such as ladies night gets turned into a violation of human rights. Most sports promotion featuring a ladies night is to celebrate women unless you’re the Hudson Valley Renegades, a farm team for the Tampa Bay Rays, then it turns into even that maybe Amnesty International needs to investigate. Hopefully they’ll show up for the next free bat night. Please note the sarcasm because I’m laying it on rather think. 

One week ago the Hudson Valley Renegades attempted to hold a ladies night for their female fans by calling it “Ball-Less Baseball” night. There were some unique options for the ladies such as massages, free makeup & mani-pedis. Whatever the hell those are. Men were not allowed into the stadium until the 5th inning. They’ll let the men in just in time for the Seventh-Inning Pilates Break and a rousing rendition of “Since We Got Married, You Never Take Me Out To The Ball Game Anymore” Well this caused a rather stern letter to be written by officials in Dutchess County, NY, who also owns the park. 

“At best, the promotion is in poor taste. However, I write to warn that the promotion likely violates the New York State Human Rights Law and probably violates the guarantee to equal protection under the laws contained in the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution,” the letter reads. “New York State Human Rights Law (Executive Law Section 296) expressly prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender in any place of public accommodation. Clearly, your plan to prohibit admittance based on gender runs afoul of this provision.” 

Dutchess County cannot in good conscience remain silent while its citizens are subject to invidious gender discrimination.” 

Wow! To the credit of the Renegades origination they were planning a tailgate party for the men and they were forced to admit on their website that they would not actually prevent the testosterone set from entering the building. Only in a lawsuit happy America could people actually find it necessary to bury their sense of humor and lodge a formal complaint against something so silly. 

Honestly I’d imagine your typical Ladies Night in the Hudson Valley involves a bit less baseball and a lot more chloroform.

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